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Dave’s Rating:  3 stars

Bodybuilders are no strangers to nutritional supplements.  In fact, if you’ve got some hardcore buddies, they may be some of your best resources for information about what you should take for whatever your particular goals are.  Of course, their area of expertise would be bodybuilding supplements, which the category that Muscle Core X belongs to.

Muscle Core X is a supplement based on the idea that nitric oxide helps your body pump blood better and more efficiently, which helps you get better workouts and build more muscle as a result of those better workouts.  And there are side benefits too.  The advertised results include:

  • Building Lean Muscle
  • Big Strength Gains
  • Endurance and Powerhouse
  • Insane Muscle Pump
  • Enhanced Libido

All this sounds great so we decided to look more closely and share with you what we found.

How Muscle Core X Works

The mechanism of action is an increase in nitric oxide in the blood.  What this does is improve blood flow all over your body and to your muscles.  This better blood flow increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles so they can do work harder and recover more quickly and easily. Better blood flow also means more energy and a stronger heart.  Not to mention that increased nitric oxide makes for better erections and overall sexual performance.

You take Muscle Core X pills daily either before a meal or before a workout.  Immediately as well as over time, you’ll feel more power and energy, and experience better recovery.

Muscle Core X Ingredients

The primary active ingredient in Muscle Core X is L-Arginine.  This is a precursor to nitric oxide and aids the body in producing more than it otherwise would.  L-Citrulline is an additional amino acid that supports optimal blood flow.  Then there’s Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant to protect the body against free radical damage, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, also an antioxidant.

We should mention here that we didn’t find official formula information or an entire ingredient list,  just these 4 actives.  If this is all there is, it’s a pretty simple, straightforward supp.

Where To Buy Muscle Core X

Well, here’s where we run into a little problem.  It appears as though Muscle Core X has disappeared off the bodybuilding supplement market.  There are several sites that previously linked to an order page for Muscle Core X, but these sites now lead to various other products instead.  There may be some available Muscle Core X to be found somewhere, but it definitely does not appear to be being made or officially sold anymore.

Benefits of Muscle Core X

  • None that we can come up with.

Drawbacks of Muscle Core X

  • There are no independent Muscle Core X reviews from customers.
  • It is no longer being made.
  • No complete ingredient list is available.


Among all the great bodybuilding supplements out there, there are several nitric oxide boosters that really perform.  Instead of wasting more time trying to find out more about Muscle Core X, we suggest you try something more highly rated.

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