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Nitro Focus NO3

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Nitro Focus NO3 Overview

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One of the biggest categories in the body building supplements world is nitric oxide boosters. That’s because the science is good, and if formulated and used correctly, they can work. Of course, there’s a big difference between supplements made by well-established companies with a focus on research and development and those made by fly-by night marketing companies looking to make a buck on the backs of guys who want a shortcut to big muscles.

We had the opportunity recently to look into Nitro Focus NO3. We did our homework and came up with a decision about which group this product belongs to. Read on, and we’ll let you in on the secret at the end of this review.

How Nitro Focus NO3 Works

The benefits promised by Nitro Focus NO3 are that this “industry acclaimed” supplement will:

  • Boost your mental clarity
  • Increase your thermogenic fat burning capacity
  • Give you incredible focus
  • Provide you with tons of energy

And in a matter of thirty days, you’ll:

  • Look 55% more ripped
  • Have 46% more strength
  • Be 32% more shredded

Nitro Focus NO3 Ingredients

The website doesn’t offer an ingredient list. We did find one, however, on a different website. We’re not positive of its reliability, but it’s all we’ve got so we’ll pass it along.

  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate which is a precursor to nitric oxide so it should increase the amount of nitric oxide in the blood. Recent studies, however, have shown that AAKG might cause dangerous side effects, and it is no longer recommended for long-term continuous use.
  • Ornithune Alpha_Ketoglutarate which helps prevent muscle wasting during illness.

There is no indication of how to take Nitro Focus NO3, but the 60-count bottle is a one month supply. This would lead us to believe that you take two capsules per day.

Where to Buy

Nitro Focus NO3 Review

Nitro Focus NO3 Review

The only way to purchase Nitro Focus NO3 is through the free trial offer on their website. Here’s how it works. You pay only shipping, and they send you a one month supply. If after 10 days, you do nothing, they will bill you $99.98 for the “free” bottle, and sign you up to receive a new $99.98 bottle each month automatically. Just to be absolutely clear, that’s 10 days from the order date. You may not even have received your bottle yet.

Benefits of Nitro Focus NO3  None.

  • None.

Drawbacks of Nitro Focus NO3

  • They don’t advertize their ingredients.
  • There are several “Ripoff Report” entries regarding Nitro Focus NO3 customers who were unable to get their money back after finding out that it doesn’t work.
  • There’s no way to purchase except by signing up for $100 per month commitment.
  • There are no clinical tests to demonstrate the effects of Nitro Focus NO3.


When it comes to bodybuilding supplements, we think it’s best to stick with something that comes from a company with experience researching and developing products that help you gain muscle. This is not the case with Nitro Focus NO3. They’re more concerned with locking into a payment schedule than anything else.

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