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A decreased libido can be due to a number of different causes, including aging, medications, and more.  There are numerous supplements on the market that purport to help boost libido, but knowing which ones are effective and safe can be hard.  Allurex promises to help boost libido almost immediately for men and women alike and even promises to provide long lasting results without side effects.  With promises ranging from vaginal lubrication and harder erections as well as increased sex drive, more energy, and better orgasms, we decided that the product was definitely worth looking further into.

How Allurex Works and Ingredients

We decided to start by looking to see what was in the product.  We found out that the product is an herbal one, containing ingredients such as huanarpo macho bark, which helps to boost sex drive as well as catuaba bark, which can boost libido and increase blood flow to the penis.  Rutaecarpine also helps increase penile blood flow, while long jack root helps to increase both libido and performance.  Maca root also boosts libido as well as energy and endurance.  In short, the list of ingredients on the product certainly reads as though they will make it incredibly effective, but there was more research to do.

It is worth noting that Allurex does have its own website, which can make learning more about the product easier as well as making ordering much easier as well. The product can be purchased directly for only $60 per bottle, with the price decreasing for larger purchases.

User Reviews

Of course, before making any recommendations of a product, it is important to find out what users think.  With Allurex, users definitely seem to be in agreement that the product works. We found plenty of reviews from females and males alike, with users of both sexed noting that it really “brings the passion back” and that it “greatly improves stamina and desire”.  Users definitely seem supportive of the product.

“I like the fact that I can take allurex just once and it last a few days, unlike alot of the other products I have tried.  Me and my wife are very happy with this product, we finally have rekindled the fire.”Patrick


The great reviews and science backed ingredients make it easy for us to recommend Allurex.  The product seems as though it really works equally well for people of both genders, offering great benefits in a safe and natural product.  With so many side effects with pharmaceutical solutions, this is certainly a better answer, especially when you take the time to see just how many different benefits users of Allurex are reporting in all areas of their sex lives.

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