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Do Antidepressants Kill Your Sex Drive?

After moderating a related forum for the past few months, I have noticed a significant  number of men complaining about antidepressants ruining their libido, sex life, and penis size.  Drugs such as Duloxetine and other SSRI’s have been proven in clinical studies to have adverse sexual side effects, but we still keep taking them to make us feel better.  The purpose of this article is not to talk about the scientific reasons about why these drugs ruin your libido, but rather to focus on treating your depression and libido in the first place.

Why are you Depressed?

People get depressed for alot of reasons, whether it be the recent loss of a loved one, fired from a job, or just in a bad mood.  Depression is not something new, it has been around since the dawn of time, and it will continue to persist as long as we are on this planet.  Depression in and of itself affects your sex life, because you simply have a loss of sexual interest when you have alot of things on your mind.  Think about it, when do you feel like having sex when you are not feeling right?

Some may say that the best treatment for depression actually is a better sex life, but its hard to fight something we don’t want.  We have never been a big proponent of drugs for treating symptoms, because all they do is temporarily solve the problem.  A long term treatment option is needed to really get to the heart of the problem.

Where is your sex life?

It’s no secret that as we get older, we want sex less and less.  This is usually due to a lowering of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone as we age, and it doesnt get any better as time goes on.  So what can you do to get the spark back in your sex life.  Millions of men worldwide have turned to prescription drugs to help with their sex life, but again this is just a temporary solution.  You take the pill, get an erection in a couple of hours, and then when the drug wears off, you need to take it again.  Its a vicous cycle that goes round and round for the duration your on these drugs.

What if there was something you could do to permanently solve your erection quality problems, without all of the harmful side effects.  Well, the truth is, no matter what you take (herbal medicine or prescription), you will experience side effects, its a matter of the severity of those side effects that comes into question.

So What Can I Do About It?

We always recommend taking all natural herbal alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs to help treat your problems.  One thing you can try for your depression is St. Johns Wort, which has been used for decades to help treat this ailment.  You can pick up a small bottle of it at your nearby grocery store, and it usually starts working after a couple of days.

For your libido problems, we recommend a healthy and safe product called Vigrx Plus. Vigrx Plus has been used by thousands of men worldwide to help treat their sex drive problems, and give them an all natural fulfillment that they desire.

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