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Axcite Magnum Overview

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Athlete or no athlete, every guy wants or needs a little boost in the bedroom every once in a while.  Lucky for us, there are literally hundreds of natural male performance supplements to help you out with just that situation.  What we look for in these supplements is something that can improve performance in a few different ways. You want it to boost your libido.


You want it to increase your energy.  You want it to improve your erections. You want it to lengthen your endurance and keep you more in control of the situation.  And you want the thing that all these benefits lead to.  You want confidence.  Axcite Magnum claims to do all that, so I thought it was worth taking a look.

Who Makes Axcite Magnum?

axcite magnum reviewWhen you’ve researched as many male enhancement supplements as I have, you start to instinctively separate them into a few different categories based on a few different criteria.  For example, the first thing you find out is whether a supplement is the kind you take every day or the fast acting kind that you only take when you need it.  (Axcite Magnum belongs in the first category here.  You take it every day.  We’ll talk more about this later.)


Another distinction to look for is what kind of company make the product.  A whole lot of sexual performance enhancement supplements are made by single product companies.  The only thing they do, the only reason they exist, is to sell you this one particular pill. You want to be a little cautious with these companies.

While you might think it indicates a high level of devotion to improving the male sexual experience, it’s usually far more devoted to improving the marketer’s financial bottom line.  These are most often backed not  by scientists and nutritional supplement experts but by savvy marketers that see a way to make big money in a wide open market.

Axcite Magnum doesn’t belong to that category.  This product is made by a company that specializes in athletic performance supplements.  It’s called Athletc Xtreme, and they express a very different philosophy than the makes of a lot of these other products.  All AX products are researched and formulated by PhD Scientists in fields like Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences.  And the company provides free training information as well as personal consultations to help athletes achieve  their goals.

Why am I telling you all this when you want a sexual enhancement pill?  Well the truth is, this market is full of scammers, and it’s a novelty to find a product offered by a company that shows this level of commitment to their customers.

Axcite Magnum Ingredients

Enough of the fluffy feel good stuff.  What we really need to know is what’s in Axcite Magnum, does this stuff work, and if so how. The formula is pretty simple, but it does touch on the three important areas of libido, blood flow, and testosterone. It’s got:

Ginseng to boost your libido while it promotes overall energy for your body

  • D-Aspartic Acid, which has been proven to increase testosterone levels significantly in just two weeks of use.
  • Epimedium Extract which does double duty as a powerful aphrodisiac and a vasodilator to allow more blood to flow to the penis for better erections.
  • Pine Bark Extract which is a supporting player in the goal of improving blood flow for stronger, longer lasting erections.

Each Axcite Magnum capsule contains 819mg of these components, but the exact amounts are proprietary information.  The recommended dose is 2 capsules in the morning and another two in the evening, preferably on an empty stomach.  As a daily supplement, it takes a bit of time for the ingredients to build up in your system and become effective.  If you want to speed up that time, you can take 3 capsules twice a day for the first week, then lower the dose back down for maintainance.

Axcite Magnum Side Effects

There are no reported negative side effects associated with using Axcite Magnum.  But there was one positive side effect I saw come up in several reviews.  Apparently, Axcite Magnum increases semen volume quite a bit, enough to catch some of these guys pleasantly off guard.  Robert in Arkansas wrote:

“To start everyone should know that there is no magic pill to make your man junk bigger anywhere, including this.  However, this stuff is gonna do wonders in other areas.  To keep it nice and clean you will produce way way way way way way way way more semen.”

Axcite Magnum Reviews

In addition to Robert in Arkansas, there are plenty of other positive reviews for Axcite Magnum.  One guys said:

“Works perfectly and only take just 2 days to start seeing a difference.  The best I have ever used.  Good good.”

On the other hand, it’s not unheard of to run across something like this:

“Worst product I have ever used… It has numerous hazardous side effects 🙁 🙁  Please never try this. Never every try this product.”

I wish they had explained what the side effects were so we could get a better idea of what went wrong.

Where to Buy Axcite Magnum

You can purchase Axcite Magnum from retails as well as online.  They’ve got it at the Athletic Xtreme website, Amazon, and other online retailers, as well as in Walgreens stores.  You can get a trial sized week’s supply for just under $10, or you can buy a full month’s supply. On the website, it’s $36, but other retailers sell it for a wide range of prices.  I’ve seen it as low as $25 and as high as $60.  AX offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  The website contains two sets of instructions for how to use the guarantee – one for if you buy it at the website, and one for if you buy it through an outside retailer.

Our Axcite Magnum Recommendation

Axcite Magnum comes with a decent ingredient profile, a few good reviews, and the support and reputation of a full fledged supplement company.  Nothing works for everyone, but as long as you make sure to shop around for your best price, going with Axcite Magnum is a pretty safe bet.

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