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Bathmate Vs. SizeGenetics

Bathmate vs. SizeGenetics

Over the course of the past 4 years, I have tested practically EVERY male enhancement pill, cream, ointment, gadget, pump, and extender.  Some work great, some don’t work at all, and some gave horrible side effects.

Practically everyday, I get someone emailing me or leaving a comment on my site asking what is the best thing they can use to get bigger down there.  For awhile, I always recommended the use of a supplement called Vigrx Plus, along with manual enlargement exercises.

They personally got me thicker, longer, and harder, and the Vigrx Plus sent my libido through the roof.  Over time, I started testing many other products, and found that water based pumps and extenders literally gave you a “hands off” approach to PE.

The purpose of this article is to give you an in-depth comparison between my 2 top rated PE products, the Bathmate and Size Genetics.  They each work VERY differently, but can both give you EXTRAORDINARY benefits.

First, I’m going to talk a bit about the boring stuff like the style / construction, safety of each, mechanism of action, and pricing, but if you’d like to skip ahead to see which one I recommend the most and why, then simply Click Here.


However, some products stand out distinct and distinguished with high repute and are even backed by physicians and doctors. This article highlights the key features of two such successful and reputable sexual enhancement products called as Bathmate and SizeGenetics. Bathmate claims to be number one penis enlargement pump in USA while SizeGenetics is also clinically backed and endorsed by physicians and doctors.

Style / Construction or Type 

Bathmate: The Bathmate Hydromax X30 is water-based vacuum pump which enhances penile erections by boosting and strengthening erections with the simple action of water pump.

SizeGenetics: The SizeGenetics system is a unique penis enlargement product which actually belongs to the category of strap-based extenders. The secret to effectiveness and efficacy of SizeGenetic lies in its unique slider design which firmly fits the natural curvature of the penis. SizeGenetics, because of strap-based design, brings about 60 % more flow in penis during erection which results in stronger and full length erections.

Safety and comfort 

Bathmate: Even though, Bathmate results in penis engorgement but many users don’t find it comfortable because of its pump-based mechanism. Some users don’t find it comfortable to wear a pump during bath and as far as safety is concerned, there are only few strong positive recommendations and most of them are listed on official website.

SizeGenetics: As per official claims, SizeGenetics extender is extremely flexible because of multi-directional angling and its unique 16-Way Ultimate Comfort System which facilitates users with sixteen different settings to customize accordingly for maximum safety and comfort.

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Time required for causing permanent enlargement 

Bathmate: According to official claims, Bathmate can enlarge your penis for up to 3 inches.  In fact, in a survey conducted in April of 2020, most Hydro users reported size gains after using it for 2 months.

However, permanent enlargement of penis is not ensured by using Bathmate or any other penis pump. Bathmate only brings about temporary penis engorgement as a result of faster and longer penile erections but claims of permanent penis enlargement have always been controversial and proven false by the experts.

SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics is known to cause significant permanent enlargement within after five to six months of its use.

Mode of action (Mechanism of action)

Bathmate: The Bathmate Hydromax X30 is worn while taking shower and it works by creating water vacuum which actually creates pressure and force to draw more and more blood into your penis. This results in stronger and long-lasting penile erections.

SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics works by targeting the penile tissue walls. It exerts force of traction along the sides of the penis and in particularly on penile which, in turn, results in cell growth and multiplication of the penile cells leading to the permanent penile enlargement.

Price, affordability and economy 

Bathmate: When it comes to price, Bathmate is quite affordable as it costs only $139.99.

SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics is available in different packages which are listed below:

  • Starter Pack – for $199.95 only: It includes SizeGenetics extender only.
  • Device Only – for $349.00- It includes SizeGenetics extender with 16-Way Comfort System and a leather case
  • Ultimate Pack – for $398.95: It comes with various products such as SizeGenetics extender with 16-Way Comfort System, PenisHealth online access & DVD, travel case, Revita cream, leather case, traction powder, lock & key and also bonus DVD’s.

Safety profile (risk of side effects)  

Bathmate: Even though, safety profile of Bathmate is not strongly supported by too many users but some users find it free of any kind of side effects or health complications. However, in rare cases, some users have also reported about experiencing mild redness and rashes at the skin of the penis after using Bathmate. One is advised to do their own research about its safety and efficacy in general.

SizeGenetics: Unlike many other penis enlargement products, SizeGenetics has a strong repute in terms of its good safety profile. No significant side effects are observed after its use.

Bonus / special discounts and offers 

Bathmate: As per official website, you can save up to $40 by buying Bathmate these days.

SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics extenders come with free shipping. In addition, you get $50 discount on the purchase of Ultimate Pack.

Moneyback guarantee / refund policy 

Bathmate: Bathmate offers a 12-month long Moneyback guarantee to all its buyers and users.

SizeGenetics: In SizeGenetics, Moneyback guarantee is limited to 6-month only.

My Personal Top Choice – The Bathmate Hydromax

bathmate hydromaxSo all this info is great, but your probably asking yourself  ‘ok, so which one do you recommend for permanent enlargement?’  I have used both the Bathmate and Size Genetics device extensively, and in my personal opinion I think the Bathmate is better for a number of reasons.

Reason #1:  The Bathmate is more comfortable

Hands down, in my opinion the Bathmate is MUCH more comfortable then the Size Genetics extender.  The Size Genetics device works…but it takes a bit of finesse to get it on just the right way, and even then, there tends to be some downsides…

Sometimes it cuts off circulation to the penis head.  You’ll notice this generally about 1/2 hour after you strap the device on, and it’s usually the result of tightening the noose head too tight around the base of your glans (head of the penis).

Another downside to this is sometimes it causes chaffing, which is virtually non-existent with the Bathmate.

Reason #2:  The Bathmate is more discreet.

When your walking around with the Size Genetics device on, it’s a bit hard to conceal it.  For me this wasn’t a huge deal, because I typically wore it when I was working at my house or relaxing and watching TV.

But for some guys who want to use it at work or when they’re out and about, it can be hard to cover up the fact that you have a huge bulge coming from your crotch area.

Reason #3:  The Bathmate works literally the first time.

The first time you use the Bathmate, you will literally see an increase in size right after taking it off.  It’s not a huge amount by any stretch of the imagination, but still noticeable.

With the Size Genetics device, you don’t see any results until at least a few weeks of wearing it.

Reason #4:  You only have to use the Bathmate for 10 – 15 min. a day.

This is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I like the Bathmate vs. the Size Genetics device.  While you have to wear the extender for 4 – 6 hours a day, you only need to pump with the Bathmate for 10 – 15 min. a day.

A HUGE difference in my book.


One thing I wanted to note in my closing here is that BOTH of these products work to help different things.  The Size Genetics extender is for guys looking to gain length, and the Bathmate is for guys looking to gain girth.

Can you use both at the same time??  I never did, but I’ve heard of A LOT of guys doing just that.  I think it’s perfectly fine to do so, but you should test the waters first by limiting their use to half of the usual time (so, 5 min. for the Bathmate and 1 – 2 hours for the Size Genetics device).

Click Here to visit the official Bathmate website and if you have any questions on either leave a comment below!

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