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Boost Ultra

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Boost Ultra

Boost Ultra Review

Boost Ultra Review

Boost Ultra is a sexual performance enhancer that works by increasing the blood flow to the penis. But what makes it different from the hundreds of other male enhancement pills out there? We decided to answer that question in this review. We poured through dozens of websites, scoured the internet to find reviews and testimonials from satisfied and unsatisfied customers, and researched the ingredients of this all natural male enhancement pill to give you the results.


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So What Exactly is Boost Ultra?

This supplement is an all natural male enhancement pill which is designed to help increase the flow of blood to the penis. Similar to alot of other pills we have come across, it is packed with a blend of herbs and extracts which is proprietary to this manufacturer. According to their website, boost ultra is supposed to get you rock solid in 30 minutes, increase your stamina and recovery time, and make orgasms last longer than ever.  This claim is made by alot of other manufacturers that sell their product in 1 pill packages.  Red sex dragon is another herbal remedy that promises male sexual stimulation in about 30-45 minutes, sometimes quicker.

What’s the secret behind Boost Ultra? Well we took a look at some of the ingredients, and it appears that its really not that much different from alot of other male enhancer’s out there. It contains tribulus terrestris, ginseng, and maca, all which are found in 80% of the supplements on the market. Learn more about the ingredients.

Boost Ultra Reviews

We found several reviews of boost ultra on several websites, including amazon. It appears that a number of reviewers had positive experiences with the product, however many reported bad side effects including flushed skin, headaches, and high blood pressure. The official website actually points out that these are very real side effects, and you should refrain from using it if you are suffering from any medical conditions.

Actual Review From Satisfied Customers:

“Product worked well for me, but took about 1.5 hours after taking a pill to take effect. I did have a slight headache later on and felt a little flush, but no big deal. An empty stomach=faster effect/bigger headache later on. A full stomach=longer effect/less of a headache later on. I would buy product again.”


“Hey Dave….. I have to say Boost Ultra does work. Buy a 3-capsule btl for your testing next time. I am completely the FDA hasn’t banned it yet.”

Roc, Youtube User

“i took one of these lil red babies and chased the wife around for two days.not that she was complaining !!!! i have tried others and were all crap,,this one works for me ;)”Weldershit, YouTube user As with most male enhancement products though, there were several complaints that it did not work.  Every man responds differently from treatment, and you should never rely solely on the results of others.

Dave’s Results

The total cost for my sample was around $7 with shipping, and the package came discreet. When I originallyopened the product, I accidentally broke open the capsule (which was kind of flimsy to begin with). I don’t know ifthis compromised the effectiveness of the product at all, but I did not seem to get much of an erection off of theproduct from it.

The boost ultra package says that it’s supposed to start working in 45 minutes, like alot of other pills, but I did not receive any effect from it. I know from experience that when the companies say you will experience enhanced erections, they mean that you need to be sexually stimulated in order for it to work. Well, even with a little stimulation from my girlfriend, there was still no noticeable difference, It was like I didn’t take anything at

I will say this, though, that I did not receive any bad side effects from this pill, something that can happen quite often when testing supplements such as boost ultra and rock hard weekend.


The full ingredients list includes the following: ginseng, semen ziziphi spinosae, rhizoma polygonati, fructus lyeii, Cortex cinnamomi cassiae, Semen allii tuberosi, and corynine. Most of these ingredients are not used in any other male enhancement formula, and it appears the majority of them are used to treat other conditions. Semen allii tuberosi, for example, is used to treat the liver and kidneys while semen ziziphi spinosae is used to treat insomnia.

How this formulation actually causes an erection is left to be answered. The boost ultra website also claims that their product contains tribulus terrestris and maca, but I don’t see it listed on the package. Other products that contain these necessary extracts, such as kaboom action strips for instance, really do work effectively at producing a sustainable erection. Most, if not all, of the most effective products also contain some variation of yohimbe, ginkgo biloba, and horny goat weed, at a minimum.

Pro’s of Boost Ultra

  • Contains Tribulus Terrestris, essential in any male enhancer
  • Many positive reviews
  • Gives you Rock Hard Erections
  • Works Relatively Fast

Cons of Boost Ultra

  • Many reported side effects, especially headache
  • 20 – 30% said did not work for them
  • Can be quite expensive for some bottles ($80 for 30 pills)

Where To Buy Boost Ultra

Boost Ultra is currently sold in major online retail stores, including amazon and, and it usually retails for anywhere between $6 for one capsule, all the way up to $60 for a 3 pack. This puts it in the high endrange as far as prices go. We found a bottle for sale for a whopping $45 for 12 pills. On a per pill basis, this works out to be $4 per capsule.

I actually ordered off of the official site so that I knew I was getting the real deal and it cost me $4.75 forone pill, plus like $2 shipping. This product does not appear to be sold in any brick and mortar establishments, although it probably is, we simply have not seen it on shelves.


It appears that many of the reviews we read were from people who experienced good effects from taking Boost Ultra. But, it should be noted that nearly every single review we came across people talked about getting a headache or flushed skin about an hour after taking the pill. Our results were not so successful, but like we stated earlier the capsule itself broke open, potentially compromising the effectiveness. As with any over the counter supplement, you should definitely check with your doctor before trying boost ultra, or any other pill.

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