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Are You Embarrassed About Your Penis Size? Your’e Not Alone.

There are millions of men worldwide that are affected everyday by a lack of size, and thousands search the internet everyday for answers to this problem.  But what causes this lack of confidence, when studies have suggested that women really do not care about the size of a mans penis?  The root of the problem often lies with the association between the size of a mans penis, and his standing in society.

The Roots of Penis Size

For thousands of years, ancient chinese, indian, and european cultures based their cultural hierarchy on the size of a mans penis.  There have been numerous discoveries by ancient archeologists that depict images of men with over sized genetalia on walls in caves, and other ancient transcripts.  This association has carried over into the years, and men still associate size with manhood.

In the modern day, it’s also a bragging right if you have a larger than average penis.  But what is average and what is above average?  According to studies conducted by various universitys, the average length of an American mans penis is about 5 1/2 inches, and the girth 2 3/4 inches.  There is alot of rumors that get spread around that the average size of black men and asian men are significantly larger and smaller, respectively.

But Does Size Really Matter?

This is  question that has been debated for countless years, and there is no doubt arguments to both sides.  Many who say size doesnt matter are often small to begin with, and are trying to justify their small penis by saying that they can “work it better” than guys with larger penises.  While debatable, there is no doubt that women have a say on the matter.

So What Can A Man Do About It?

Well, there has been alot of myths tossed around about the effectiveness of male enhancement pills like zyrexin and EnhanceRx, and that they will causes you to grow 3 inches in a month.  The simple fact is, no pill or supplement will allow you to grow on your own, it needs to be combined with either an enlargement exercise, such as jelqing, or whats called a “penis traction device” such as size genetics.

Exercises like jelqing are actually very easy to do, and require little effort on the part of the user.  The only problem is, like most people that go to the gym, men often expect results overnight and it just does not happen.  Men can typically see gains after about 3 – 6 months, and the best results from regular supplementation AND an effective exercise routine usually happen after about 1 year.

The Bottom Line

There is no shame in having a small penis, but that doesn’t stop men from spending millions of dollars each year on various products.  We have been researching various products on the internet for about 2 years now, and have found that most effective is combining a supplement like vigrx plus, along with our free enlargement exercise guide.  If you have any questions, or are apprehensive about trying out a particular product, please send us an email with your concerns.

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