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Dave Walker Date: April 9, 2014 Male Enhancement

Erousa Overview

Natural male enhancement products make up a huge (and always growing) market. These products aren’t necessarily all effective, but the vast majority are actually natural.  There are, however, always exceptions to prove the rule.  And that’s where the FDA comes in.  Periodically, they test these “all natural” supplements to see if they are what they say they are.  Over the years, many of them have turned out not to be.

Erousa was one of those.  In 2009, this product had a Facebook page, a website, and even a commercial spot.  It proudly claimed that it doesn’t promise to solve all your problems, just the sexual ones. By taking Erousa, you’d experience:

  • More desire and sexuality.
  • Better erections within an hour.
  • Greater sensitivity.
  • More stamina and vitality
  • Intense orgasms
  • Better recovery times.

The website and Facebook page made it clear that the difference between Erousa and the other natural male enhancement supplements was that Erousa works.  Well, it turns out that wasn’t the only difference.

Erousa Recall

In December of 2009, the FDA discovered that Erousa, and all of the male enhancement supplements made by Atlas Operations, Inc were tainted with the prescription-only medication found in Viagra.  The company then enacted a voluntary recall on all of their products and as far as we can tell, closed up shop.

At first glance and to some, it may seem like a good thing to be able to get the effective ingredient in Viagra without a prescription.  And I guess everyone is entitled to make their own decisions about what to take.  The problem is that the ingredient was not disclosed.  It is known to have serious side effects when taken in combination with nitrates.  Guys with heart conditions often turn to natural products specifically because they are safe.  What happens when these guys take Erousa?

Benefits of Erousa

  • None.

Drawbacks of Erousa

  • It contained undisclosed prescription medication.
  • It’s no longer available.

Where to Buy

Erousa is no longer available.


The Erousa story illuminates one of the problems inherent in the male enhancement supplement industry.  Many of the products and manufacturers make a lot of promises without much regard to what’s actually true.  And that creates an atmosphere where they think it’s okay to go so far as to risk people’s health to make their money.  In the end, it’s a good thing that Erousa was exposed for what it was.

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