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Ginseng Benefits on Male and Female Libido

Effects of Ginseng on Libido

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Introduction and background

Low sexual drive or libido is a quite common problem in the world that equally affects both sexes on a massive scale. While various psychological and medical means have been developed to address this issue, the traditional or natural ways used to increase the libido have always remained a cornerstone of any sex therapy.

Ginseng is a name given to a traditional a plant root that is frequently used in China,other
Asian countries, and the United States for the treatment of variety of conditions and disorders.  For centuries, Chinese people have consumed ginseng as a potent health tonic in people with or without diseased conditions.

Likewise,Native Americans have also been using ginseng for long.  Ginseng also has a long history of use for the treatment of various ailments. The root is typically available in dried form, either whole or sliced.  While ginseng has numerous positive effects on general and sexual health of the body, its most profound effect is related to its ability for causing drastic increase in human libido in both genders.

The following article is intended to focus and highlight the nature and properties of ginseng and its beneficial role on human libido.

Which type of Ginseng has the greatest effect on libido?

While almost all types of Ginseng herb are considered beneficial for human health in general and for sexual health in particular, Korean red ginseng has been classified and called as the most potent form of ginseng that has the most beneficial effects with respect to human sexual performance and sexual desire (libido) both in men and women. Why Korean red ginseng is so beneficial for human libido can be explained on the following basis:

  • It is purely and exclusively organically grown without the use of any pesticides or insecticides (can not be cultivated and obtained by farming).
  • As compared to other standard forms of ginseng, red ginseng has relatively higher concentration of antioxidants, flavonoids, multivitamins and minerals.
  • Red ginseng has three times the quantity of ginsenosides (the specific ingredients found in all types of ginseng.
  • The amount of amino acids, essential oils, enzymes and other nutrients is also much higher in red ginseng
  • It contains about 42 minerals in rich concentrations

How does ginseng affect human libido?

While the exact mechanism of how ginseng causes significant increase in both intensity and frequency of human libido is unknown, the following mechanisms have been suggested by herbalists and naturopaths to explain the same:

Ginseng increases testosterone levels in men: Ginseng reportedly increases the production and secretion (release) of the key male sex hormone i.e. Testosterone that is responsible for all phases of male sexual response cycle, performance and desire. In addition, it also leads to increased natural blood flow to the penile tissues which lead to stronger and more potent erections.  This is evident in numerous products, including Nugenix and Cyvita.

Ginseng affects central nervous system: In addition to its testosterone-related effects, ginseng also stimulates the pleasure centres located in the brain (hypothalamus) to ignite the libido capacity in both sexes.

Ginseng increases estrogens levels in women: Just as testosterone is considered the key sex hormone in men, estrogens plays a central role in causing initiating and maintaining female sexual response cycle, including sexual desire and performance in women.

Ginseng increase semen quantity and quality: Finally, ginseng also positively impacts the concentration of semen and the number of sperms found in the semen. It has been suggested that the quantity of sexual fluids is proportionate to sexual desire in males.


Last but not least, ginseng is a time-tested and recommended natural remedy that has been successfully and safely used all over the world particularly as a powerful libido-stimulant. While it often hard and expensive to get the real ginseng in dried or raw form, one of the best ways of consuming ginseng on regular basis is to use it in the form of natural and safe all-herbal supplements that contain ginseng in the recommended dosages. Fortunately, there are quite a few good herbal supplements tin the market that, in addition to ginseng, also contain a number of other herbs that have been found to have highly beneficial role in the treatment of male related sexual issues including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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