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Dave Walker Date: February 28, 2014 Male Enhancement

Hightenz Overview

Providing help for “One Minute Men” everywhere, there’s Hightenz topical lotion.  It combines increased pleasure with decreased sensitivity so that you can experience and share the kind of sex that comes with the confidence of knowing that you can thoroughly please both your partner and yourself.

Hightenz is not technically a solution for erectile dysfunction.  It’s primary function is to give you greater control to prevent premature ejaculation.  But it does also contain erection enhancing ingredients so you can have the best of both worlds.

One thing we should mention right off the bat, however, is that it appears that Hightenz is currently off the market.  We can’t find an explanation for why, and it seems as though this must be a fairly new development since there’s nothing even alluding to the fact that it’s gone anywhere on the internet.  Because this absence is new, we decided to go ahead with the review, in case you still find yourself with the opportunity to buy and use Hightenz.

Hightenz Ingredients and How They Work

hightenz reviews

With the closure of the Hightenz website, we were forced to get this information third-hand.  But several different sites list the same ingredients, so we’ve pretty sure the list is reliable.

The primary premature ejaculation ingredient is Lidocaine. This is the same key ingredient in most of the last-longer creams we’ve seen.  It’s a mild topical anesthetic used commonly by dentists to numb an area topically before administering a shot of novacaine to numb the area completely.

The other ingredient of note is L-Arginine.  This is there to improve erection quality. When absorbed into the bloodstream, L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide which is a vasodilator.  This opens up the blood vessels to allow more blood to flow into the penis for your best erections.

Additional ingredients, such as Aloe, Guarana, and Avena Sativa, round out the formula.  The recommended usage is to massage Hightenz into the penis directly before sex.

Benefits of Hightenz

  • It covers two issues – erection quality and premature ejaculation – for an overall improved experience.
  • Hightenz reviews are generally pretty positive.

Drawbacks of Hightenz

  • It is currently not available, and we don’t know whether or not it will be again.

Where to Buy Hightenz

Hightenz used to be available through the Hightenz official website for a price of $39.99.  There was a money back guarantee and an autoship program, but we are not able to determine what the details were for either.

Our Hightenz Conclusion

The idea of Hightenz seems like a good one – improve erection quality and erection staying power both at the same time.  Perhaps is was simply a case of too good to be true.  Hightenz is not currently available, and if we had to guess, we’d say the situation is probably permanent.  Though we’re intrigued enough to say that if you have an opportunity to try Hightenz, we think you should… and you should let us know what you think.


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