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How To Spot a Fake Male Enhancement Review on Amazon

Let’s face it, there are alot of unscrupulous companies out there that will stop at nothing to sell there product.  I search through amazon all the time to find the latest male enhancement products out there, and quite frankly, some of the reviews are comical.  You have no doubt seen some of these testimonials, but how do you know if this person is telling the truth.  Well we decided to give you a brief outline of what to look for when your researching these supplements on your own, and how to spot a fake review, particularly on Amazon.

Lesson #1 – It is the Reviewers Only Testimonial

This is a BIG ONE.  You can spot a phony right away when you pull up a review and it just so happens to be the only review that he/she has posted.  This is not the end all be all version, but come on, who really registers to review just one product?  There are tons of other products and supplements that the person has probably used before, but they have absolutely nothing to say about them?  Watch out for these, as they are probably planted by the company in question.

Lesson #2 – They ABSOLUTELY RAVE about the product, and Bash Others

We see this one alot too.  You will see a review that was written with sheer passion, as if he discovered the “Holy Grail” of male enhancement supplements.  Now, by no means does this person need to say anything less about a product, but these types of testimonials can be accepted with a grain of salt.  Usually, you will also see them say something like “i tried product XYZ and it sucked, but when i tried product ABC, it was everything i was looking for.”  Watch out!

Lesson #3 – They Just-So-Happen To Review all of the Products That Company Makes

I love it when i see this.  These reviews are great because when i see them, we automatically know they are fabricated.  If you search Amazon, when you click on someones name it will give you a list of other reviews posted by this person.  Well, you can tell if they are fake because you get that same guy or gal posting about every single product the company distributes.  You don’t have to be a genius to figure out if they are real or not.

How To Protect Yourself

Now that you are armed with some good advice of staying away from these fake testimonials, it is important to keep in mind that there are ways to keep yourself from getting cheated.  First, you can visit our male enhancement reviews to learn more about products that really do work, read ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS submitted by men just like yourself, and learn about the most effective and safe products on the market.  We have no financial gain in any of these products, and we have actually tested these products as well for there efficacy.

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