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There are many common bedroom related sexual problems. Fortunately, problems often bring about solutions. MacaActive just might be one of those solutions for men needing an increase in stamina and sex drive. This product is one of many supplements of its kind – sperm enhancers – and is an herbal product. The goal of it is to improve sexual pleasure for a man and, consequently, his woman. MacaActive has generated some buzz in the male enhancement world. Let’s check and see what the buzz is all about and if this product is legit.

So What Exactly is MacaActive?

The first place to get information about a supplement is straight from the source – the company website.  They certainly stake some pretty big claims about the effectiveness of their product.  Along with inducing testosterone production in both men and women, this male sexual enhancement product has been able to improve erectile tissue response, increase semen volume and sperm count production, and enhance overall energy – according to the company website.

This will give your libido a boost and increase sex drive if it is as good as advertised. It has also been designed to help women with menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and works with hormonal imbalance.

Macaactive boasts no side effects, but we find that hard to believe, because maca has been known to possibly cause cramps in certain individuals.

Key Ingredients in MacaActive

Maca Active is an herbal supplement with only one ingredient – Maca. It has the nutritional value of a grain of cereal which contains minerals, protein, fatty acids and iron. Only a small number of men that have used this supplement have been tested to prove the effectiveness.  It has also shown to be effective at treating womens issues as well (see below).  There is only one other product that we know of that contains only maca and that is Maca Man.

Customer Reviews

There are not many reviews online other than on the company website.  Here is one alleged customer testimonial:

“I feel wonderful!!! After 5 years of suffering hot flashes, mood swings, and depression. I am finally back to my full self again.” – Sandra T.,  USA

There are also some discussions on various websites, particularly some that deal with post-menopausal symptoms.  Check out this discussion on yahoo answers.

MacaActive Pros 

– Positive testimonials on company website

– Relatively Inexpensive Product

– All-Natural Supplement

MacaActive Cons 

– Formula made of only one ingredient

– Does not contain Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe Extract, or Damiana – ingredients that are proven sperm enhancers

– Not tested on males with sexual disorders


MacaActive seems like a quality product for those that are just looking to spice things up a little. Considering no tests have been done with men and women with certain dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, there’s no telling if it works for those with those disorders. With that said, there are no side effects listed, but we have already touched on that above. If other similar products have failed to increase your sperm count and improve your sexual experience, this supplement may be a decent last ditch effort. Otherwise, there are better supplements on the market.

Overall rating (1-10): 5

Reason For Rating: Not enough dynamic testing, no side effects, no proven ingredients such as Yohimbe for erectile dysfunction.

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