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MasXtreme Overview

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MasXtreme was a male performance enhancement supplement made by a nutritional supplement manufacturer called Natural Wellness Inc. This product made all the usual promise. It would boost your libido. It would help you achieve thicker, harder erections. It would prevent premature ejaculation. And it would intensify your orgasmic pleasure. It may very well have kept all these promises.

It also promised to be all natural. This, unfortunately, was not a promise kept. In 2010, MasXtreme was recalled by the FDA for containing a controlled substance that’s only legally available with a doctor’s prescription.

How MasXtreme Worked

MasXtreme was a fast acting supplement, like most Viagra alternatives. It was sold in single-capsule blister packs, and the instructions were to take it with a full glass of water about an hour or so before sexual activity.  They also specifically gave the go ahead to drink alcohol in conjunction with the aid.

MasXtreme Ingredients

MasXtreme Review

MasXtreme Review

The listed ingredients were mainly familiar herbal compounds like Maca Root and Catuaba Bark for their aphrodisiac effects and Tongkat Ali for its positive effect on free testosterone levels. But what the FDA also found in a random test of the formula was Aildenafil, which is a derivative of Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

While some may view getting the more powerful medication as a good thing, the problem is more in the secrecy of the whole thing.  The reason that these ingredients require a prescription is that they are contraindicated with certain other prescription medications. People taking nitrates may experience serious and dangerous side effects if they take Aildenafil. So to secretly include it in the kind of herbal supplement specifically targeted toward guys who can’t take the prescription stuff is just plain irresponsible.

MasXtreme Recall

When the voluntary recall was first enacted in 2010, MasXtreme was still available through a few online retailers. That activity seems to have died off, and it is no longer anywhere that we could find.

Benefits of MasXtreme

  •  None

Drawbacks of MasXtreme

  • It contained undisclosed, potentially dangerous ingredients.
  • It is no longer available.

Our Conclusions

Unfortunately, MasXtreme is not an isolated case. Lots of “herba” supplements have been taken off the market for containing prescription ingredients. Let it serve as a cautionary tale. Make sure that whatever you choose to use comes from a reputable manufacturer. Your best bet is always something that’s been through clinical testing. That way, you can be sure that it is what it says it is.

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