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maxidus reviewSince the dawn of time, men around the world have looked to many solutions to help them with their erectile dysfunction. There has been no shortage of pills, pumps, creams, andextender devices to help enlarge a mans penis, many of which claim results in less than a month. We came across Maxidus after reading about it on a male enhancement forum, where their was a brief discussion about the product. After learning more about the ingredients and side effects, we decided to review this supplement for our readers.

What Exactly is Maxidus?

Maxidus is a non-prescription medication designed to increase your libido and sex drive through a proprietary blend of ingredients. It does this by expanding the blood tissue surrounding what called the corpora cavernosa, or the “valve” which drives blood to the penis during an erection.

Like many all natural enhancement supplements, it promises to start working in less than a half hour, and can produce an erection quality up to 4 days. Maxidus is produced in Malaysia, and cannot be found in retail stores in the US. It is designed to be taken as a supplement, with a regular dosage of 2 capsules for the first week, and then slowly reducing to 1 capsule per day. According to their website, results vary but most men experience a heightened sexual arousal and increased energy.

Ingredients in Maxidus

Maxidus is made up of a careful combination of 8 different herbal extracts which are naturally occurring. Many of these ingredients are used in some competing pills, and have been used in ancient Chinese and India cultures to promote sexual well being. The ingredients include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Epimedium
  • Astragalus Membranaceus
  • Cistanches
  • Ku Gua
  • Flos Catharmi
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Rhizoma Cucurmae Longae

Upon further investigation of these ingredients, we did notice that Eurycoma Longifolia actually does have aphrodisiac qualities, and has been shown in clinical studies on lab mice to increase sperm production.

Reviews of Maxidus

“I have bought many pills for sexual health and alot of them didn’t work for me. I tried Maxidus after a friend recommended it to me, and it started working just like they said. Although, it does not last 4 days like they say it does on the box.”
Justin, UK

“This product worked great for me. I took it just like they said on the package and i got erect in less than 1 hour. It was some of the best sex of my life, I definitely recommend it to anyone.”
Mike, USA

Overall Conclusion

Based on our review of the ingredients, satisfied customer results and testimonials, and investigation into their website, we believe maxidus can work for all natural male enhancement. While it does lack some ingredients such as yohimbe, l-arginine, and tribulus terrestris, many of the other herbs included in the formulation are very effective at treating erectile dysfunction. As with any supplement, please consult with a doctor before taking Maxidus.

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