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Dave Walker Date: October 23, 2013 Male Enhancement No Comments on Natural Gain Plus

Natural Gain Plus ReviewSomehow Natural Gain Plus fell off our radar of products to test recently, which is surprising given the amount of exposure this product receives. This supplement is highly rated amongst several not-so-unbiased review sites, and there is even talk of it being introduced to the mainstream market for sale. But is this product actually a male enhancement formula, or just a big bottle of sugar pills. We dove into the product to see how it works exactly, and how guys like yourself were faring with it.

What is Natural Gain Plus?

Claiming they have thousands of satisfied users, Natural Gain Plus looks remarkably similar to another product called Virility Ex. And by remarkably similar I mean the whole design of the website, the ingredients, and even the bonuses that come with the product are the same. My guess is that they are manufactured and distributed by the same company, and this was confirmed after we checked the contact us page for both sites.

Anyway, the basic promise of Natural Gain Plus is that it is supposed to help give you massive gains in penis size, when combined with their so-called “award winning formula”. Of course, the formula is not actually disclosed on their website, so it must be some secret like the coke formula.

The fact that we can’t tell what the ingredients in Natural Gain Plus are doesn’t help their cause, so we turned to the glory of what is known as google to find an answer. It turns out that Niacin, Zinc, L-Arginine, damiana herb, and a few other ingredients are in it, which adds a little bit of merit to it’s effectiveness. L-Arginine, after all, was clinically tested and proven to help men with low libido issues.

Reviews of Natural Gain Plus

Trying to find good quality information on Natural Gain Plus was similar to pulling teeth, even though I am not a dentist, so I really wouldn’t know what they is like. However, from what we could decipher, everyone and their mother loves the product.

It could be the fact that the product is being promoted by thousands of affiliates who say nothing but good things about the product that led to this lack of good information. Or, it could be the fact that there are websites that specialize in gaming codes are presenting information about Natural Gain Plus as though they were as informed as Dr. Oz.

Where To Buy Natural Gain Plus

There are only a couple of places to actually buy Natural Gain Plus, but the cheapest place to find it is on their official website. They offer a number of discounts if you order larger quantities, and the fact that they are located in the US also adds a little bit of credibility to the product. A one month supply can cost as much as $60, which puts it in the more expensive category for male enhancement supplements.


Other than the fact that there are about 400 websites providing biased information about Natural Gain Plus, our careful analysis of the ingredient list in the product seems to shed some light on the product. It actually looks like it could be a halfway decent product, even if we don’t agree with the steep price tag. We agree that this product may work fairly well for men’s enhancement, and it does include a couple of free bonuses which you don’t typically see when purchasing these products.

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