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Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

Dave Walker Date: December 21, 2014 Male Enhancement No Comments on Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

We get alot of questions from guys asking if penis enlargement is even possible, but one question that never seems to elude us is whether or not it is safe.  Despite all of the research behind creams, pills, ointments, and exercises, it never ceases to amaze me how many guys are afraid of penis enlargement.  Like any exercise, there is always some sort of risk involved with working a muscle, or in our case, expanding the tissues and gaining size.  The answer to this question really lies in the method of enlargement that you are using, as well as your preparation and study of the techniques and supplements you are taking.

Pills, Devices, and Exercises – Are They Safe?

Lets take pills for instance.  Certain types of pills contain yohimbe, which many do not know can be very dangerous.  However, small amounts of this substance are actually safe to take, when it only contains about 4 – 6 % of the extract.  If you take a pill that contains yohimbe, such as extenze, you are looking at about a 12.5 mg dosage of yohimbe, which by all accounts can give you some serious side effects.  We have personally tested many different products that contain yohimbe, and many have resulted in some not so pleasant side effects, such as nausea, upset stomach, and irritability.

Then there are stretching products, such as traction devices, which work to split the cells in the penis, and allow them to multiply over time.  In this case, the worse side effect you can get often is a simple chaffe of the penis which may result in a minor burning sensation.  However, if you use it for longer than prescribed, the results can be disasterous.  One major complication that can result from this technique can actually be an inability to produce an erection, which can lead to the exact opposite of what you were looking for.

Penis enlargement exercises are another form of therapy, whereby instead of using a device to stretch it out, you are simply using techniques to help expand it.  These techniques inlcude a method called jelqing, where you simply pull on the penis to help drive blood to it naturally.  The risks involved in Jelqing are similar to those of using a penis traction device, so it is best to seek the advice of a doctor before starting any routine.

Safe Penis Enlargement Practices

Just like any exercise, it is important to educate yourself as to the methods you are looking to choose, and seek proper care while doing so.  We have been studying penis enlargement methods for about 2 years now, and recommend a healthy combination of supplements, along with regular PE exercises.  Over time, men have seen gains of up to 2 inches in a year using the techniques in our guide to the right of this page.  You can also order a 1 year supply of Vigrx Plus, our #1 recommended choice of supplementation, to go along with your exercise routine.  You will see the fastest gains possible by using this combination.

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