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Penis size is always discussed and bragged about by men because most males associate penis size with manliness. Unfortunately, not all men are blessed with a large midsection, so there is great need for male enhancers. One of those male enhancement supplements is Prolixus – a nutritional supplement designed to increase thickness of a penis. How effective Prolixus? We shall analyze the product and come to a conclusion.

The creators of Prolixus claim their “next generation of male enhancement” supplement will increase the width of your penis. They also claim by taking daily dosage of Prolixus, a man will feel more confident and less anxious prior to having sex. There were quite a few favorable reviews we found online to suggest these claims may be accurate. See below for a more  detailed explanation.

How Prolixus Works

Prolixus has unknown ingredients at this point.  We performed extensive research to locate this important information but came up empty.  Why the ingredients are hidden could be one of two things – the manufacturer knows their product is mediocre or they are unaware of the importance of letting the general public know of its ingredients.

We find the latter hard to believe but perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt just this once. Regardless of the reason for why the makers have kept consumers from knowing the ingredients, you should always proceed with caution when considering purchasing a product with unknown contents.  There are a number of unscrupulous vendors that will sell cheap male enhancement products, especially ones that contain dangerous ingredients.

Prolixus Customer Reviews

We have covered some negatives associated with Prolixus, but despite what has been said, there are a few positive customer reviews online.  That makes us believe this product – despite no ingredients being listed – could possibly be a quality male enhancer.  It should also be noted there are not a lot of consumer reviews to be found.

Prolixus Pros

  • Product was created by 3 former Medical students
  • All-natural herbal supplement
  • Can be purchased over the counter

Prolixus Cons

  • Unable to obtain ingredient information
  • Not enough proof of effectiveness
  • Only a few customer reviews
  • Far too many products similar to this has been ineffective
  • Unknown risks or side effects

Overall Conclusion

It goes without saying – if you buy a supplement without knowing the ingredients, you run the risk of acquiring certain side effects you weren’t prepared for.  That doesn’t mean we believe this will happen, but we are unable to say there are no risks.  Prolixus is an intriguing product because it is somewhat of an unknown in the male enhancement industry.  We would like to see more customers of Prolixus give some reviews and see a list of ingredients so we can write a more accurate assessment.  Until then, this is all we have to go by.

Overall Rating (1-10):  3

Reason For Rating:  Simply put, there are not enough reviews or evidence to suggest this product is what the creators claim.

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