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Stay Erect Full Product Review

Stay Erect Review

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Stay Erect products say they have been helping men enjoy a better sex life since 1997, but this is actually the first time I have ever heard of them. I actually had one of our visitors email me personally and ask If I or any of the members of my staff have tested it, but unfortunately I have not. This review of Stay erect is based on anecdotal evidence, including a careful analysis of the ingredients, a review of the testimonials on third party sites, as well as detailed study on what the claims of this supplement actually are.

What are Stay Erect Products?

There actually isn’t really a pill called Stay Erect, the name is actually the name of the company. The real brand is actually a mix of 3 different products; a bottle of pills, a “premature ejaculation” band, and a “premature ejaculation” oil.

The pills are called MSPF, which stands for Male Sexual Performance Supplement, which brands itself as safe and effective and completely free of side effects. The official Stay Erect website is actually well put together and describes things in pretty good detail, including how their products work as well as alternative therapies you can use to help treat your problems.

MSPF Pills

Stay Erect Review

Stay Erect Review

The MSPF pills are actually intended to help treat premature ejaculation, something that is pretty hard to prove. Most premature ejaculation supplements we have comeacross do not really work as well as intended, and many do absolutely nothing at all. However, as far as performance anxiety is concerned, I think that Stay Erects products can actually help control orgasm intensity as well as increased libido function.

Stay Erect Band

Stay Erect also manufactures bands that are supposed to help “trap” blood in the penis during an erection, thereby causing the erection to be maintained regardless of sexual excitement. I have never used bands like this, but I have studied them thoroughly, and notice that the majority of them work fairly well to help maintaining an erection.

One of the major downside to using a band such as this is that it seems a little impractical to use when you are with a “partner” for the very first time. I mean, can you imagine being with someone intimately on a 3rd or 4th date, and asking them to “hang on so I can strap this band onto my penis?”. Hardly the easy thing to do during foreplay.

Stay Erect Premature Ejaculation Gel

This final product in the Stay Erect brand involves a gel that is supposed to help desensitize the penis during an erection. While this sounds kind of counter productive, the gel actually works to help you refrain from achieving an orgasm quicker than you normally would.

It works through the use of Lidocaine, which is an anesthetic commonly used in dentist offices and other premature ejaculation products such as Enlast and Actacaine. This ingredient essentially “numbs” the penis, and allows to last upwards of 30 – 45 minutes longer than usual.

Reviews of Stay Erect Products

Apart from their official website, Stay Erect products enjoy a wide array of reviews from both satisfied and unsatisfied users. While every guy obviously responds differently to every type of therapy that is out there, in general, Stay erect pills like MSPF have enjoyed relative success.

Since their products have been around for so long, there is a very long and established history as to men that have been using their products successfully, something that can’t really be said about alot of other brands

Pro’s of Stay Erect Products

  • Rather inexpensive, when compared to the competition
  • Plenty of customer testimonials
  • Made in the USA
  • Established company with respected reputation

Con’s of Stay Erect Products

  • Many ingredients have not been proven in a clinical setting
  • Lack of independent customer testimonials


It is hard for us to recommend Stay Erect products, mainly because we actually haven’t had a chance to personally test them out ourselves. While I think the premature ejaculation gel might actually work pretty well, the fact is that it might work too well. Lidocaine is a very powerful anesthetic that can literally make you so numb that you won’t even want to have sex at all. However, if you combine them with the MSPF pills, you might have a counteracting type of reaction from it, which could prove to work very well. Check back to our site in another month or two, as we plan on testing out these products firsthand soon.

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