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triverex reviewAfter waking up this morning, I turned on the TV to find it immediately tuned to an infomercial about Triverex. Created by a doctor who goes by the name of Mark Moyad, MD, Triverex is essentially another all natural herbal supplement designed to give you an increase in sexual energy and desire. Keep in mind that I have seen dozens of these infomercials before, and even placed an order for Triverex to let you guys know how it works. So what sets this particular supplement apart from other mens enhancement products? Read on as we explore the ingredients, user results, independent reviews and testimonials, and more.

What is Triverex?

Like most other non prescription erectile dysfunction products, Triverex is supposed to help you in three distinct areas: provide increased blood flow, get you in the mood for sex, and increase your stamina. While most products promise the same exact thing, Triverex apparently guarantees it. Triverex is a slow acting male enhancement supplement, taken once a day, so it works over a significant period of time, usually a few months.

So, the obvious question is, what are the ingredients in Triverex that make it so powerful? Triverex is actually made up of 5 main ingredients, and includes Red Ginseng, L-Citrulline, Maca, Epimedium, Velvet Bean, and Eurycoma Longifolia. We have tried alot of enhancement formulas that contain these ingredients, and a few of them are actually quite potent.

Korean Red Ginseng is actually a stimulant that you can find in many different energy drinks, and does not produce any dramatic side effects. Epimedium, which is another more formal name for Horny Goat Weed, is an aphrodisiac that has been used for hundreds of years to promote healthy sexual function. Maca and Velvet bean is also a very popular ingredient in these pills, and is an active ingredient in Triverex.

As stated earlier, Triverex was formulated by a physician named Mark Moyad, who doesn’t appear to be a big supporter of prescription drugs like Viagra. The primary reasons he gives in the infomercial is safety and cost, since drugs like Cialis can cost as much as $20 per pill.

The doctor also goes on to say that with prescription type drugs, there are numerous side effects that you can receive that make it very undesirable. He adamantly claims that by taking Triverex there are absolutely no side effects associated with its use.

Where To Buy Triverex

There “quick start program” currently offer a 20 day supply for only $9, plus the cost of shipping and handling. One main benefit to this is the lack of an auto billing program of their free trial. Many companies will suck you in with a free trial, and then after the trial period is up slap you with a $80 charge on your credit card. Triverex, thankfully, does not do this, although it appears that they used to.

Triverex does not appear to be sold in any stores, and we could not find it for sale on ebay or amazon. It looks like the only place you can find it is on their official site, and the prices range from $10 for their starter package, to $100 for a 4 months supply.

User Reviews and Testimonials

I did notice one thing when I was watching the infomercial of Triverex, all of the testimonials were real. The people that were giving their reviews were apparently not compensated for their testimonial, which does say something about the validity of their statements.

Looking around forums and blog posts, we were surprised by the lack of real customer reviews of Triverex. Their really is noone, other than the independent testimonials on their site, that talks about their experiences with the pills.


Further investigation is necessary to determine whether or not Triverex actually does work for all natural male enhancement. It is important to note that the manufacturers of this product DO NOT claim permanent gains, but rather Triverex is an all natural aid for erectile dysfunction. So many people associate the term “male enhancement” with permanent penis size gains, and the simple answer is that no pill works like that, even if they are marketed that way.

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