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#2 Rated – Vimax male enhancement System

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The second best male enhancement system we came across was Vimax, the complete penis enlargement solution. We chose this one as our #2 choice because of its overall effectiveness, reliability, and customer reviews.

So what makes this overall package worthy of our inclusion in our top male enhancement systems. Well, quite simply, it has all of the same benefits of using the ProExtender system, except for a couple of minor differences.

One major difference is the price, whereby the proextender can cost as much as $429.95, the Vimax system only costs approximately $213.65. The main reason behind this is that Vimax is positioning itself to be the cheaper alternative to proextender, which was the original inventor of the product.

What Comes With The Vimax System?

The Vimax System Comes Complete with the same 4 pronged approach that proextender uses, but with a slightly added twist. They incorporate Liquid RX plus, which is used to boost your sexual vigor. With this system, you will receive:

Vimax ExtenderVimax Extender :This is extender is based on the same working principles of the proextender, and comes complete with a travel case, protection pads, rubber straps, and of course, an instruction guide.



Vimax Pills Vimax Pills :Similar to VigRX Plus, but formulated with a potent level of ingredients to give you maximum results in a short period of time. This pills have been used by Millions of Men around the world, with a very high success rate. Take these in combination with the Extender for full effect.





Liquid RX Liquid RX :Liquid Rx is a quick boost for your sexual power, which you take about fifteen minutes before sex. It is ingested orally, and sends messages to your body to flood the cp muscle with blood, giving you a stronger, quicker erection. This is for men who have trouble getting aroused during foreplay or prior to sex.

male enhancement Exercise GuideThis package also comes with a full male enhancement exercise guide, packed with the latest and greatest exercises you can use to maintain maximum results. Simply follow this program and all of its instructions to get maximize benefits from this system.

Reviews of Vimax System

“If you name it, I have probably tried it. Nothing really worked for me, I think mainly because I was looking for a quick fix or magic pill to solve my problems. This vimax system really works, I gained about 1.5 inches after using it for 6 months. You have to be patient with it, but the results are truly amazing.”Peter, Arizona “The Vimax system was actually alot more comfortable than I thought it would be. It fit snuggly onto my penis, and did its job while I sat around and watched TV. It took some time getting used to but after awhile it was almost like it wasnt there. Definetly reccomend it to anyone looking to increase their size.”David, Maine

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Shipped Discreetly and Backed With a 6 Month Guarantee

Many men are concerned that others will know that they have ordered a male enhancement system, but what you need to understand is that both of these companies regard privacy as one of the biggest priorities.

All orders for either the proextender system or the Vimax System are shipped discreetly by FedEx. Vimax System also comes with a 6 month money back guarantee, so if it doesnt work as promised you can simply send it back for a full refund.


Both of these products come packaged separately, but the intended results should be the same. The main advantage the Vimax System has over proextender is the price, which is about $150 cheaper. But keep in mind that VigRX Plus pills are more potent than Vimax, and Semenax is geared towards helping you achieve bigger and better erections.

 Our Recommendation:

If you’re looking for an all natural healthy alternative to drugs like Viagra or Cialis, we highly recommend getting this system.  With their money back guarantee, and a product that has been time tested to work, you can easily see gains with the Vimax System.  Click Here To Visit the Vimax System Website.

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