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Is a 5 Inch Penis Normal? Age, Genetics, and Race

is a 5 inch penis normalIt seems like everyday we get a new email from someone asking if they normal in size compared to most guys out there.  While there has been some related literature published on the issue, the simple fact is there is no way to tell what is normal and what is abnormal.  Many guys think that they are below average, when indeed they are just as big as most guys.  So is a 5 inch penis really normal?  Well, let’s take a look at a few metrics that determine penis size.

Age Plays a Role

While it is obvious when you are younger (13-16) year old range, you are still in your pubescent stages, so your true length has not been realized yet.  Most guys don’t finish growing until they reach their mid 20’s, and penis size can continue growing up until your late 20’s.  Here are the average erect penis sizes we found for the following age groups, broken down by gender:

Ages 13 – 20: 5.1 inches

Ages 21 – 29: 5.5 inches

Ages 30+: 5.7 inches

This data was based on a quick poll of 182 men that participated in our weekly poll.  The average age of participants was 26, and over half of those men said they felt inadequate with their penis size.

It’s in the Genes Baby!

Most guys don’t realize it, but you can thank your dad for your penis size.  It is genetically determined before you are even hatched that your penis size will be, no matter what you think.

However, that does not mean that if your dad has a big one, that you are destined for a big one as well.  The simple reasons behind this is that your genetic makeup is determined not only by your father, but also by your mothers DNA profile as well.  In addition, your dad’s sperm is basically the genetic equivalent of each other, so they are all technically brothers, but none of them are identical.  And yes, there is no way to tell at birth how big your penis size is going to be when you get older.

What About Race?

This is always a big one, and we get questions like this all the time.  Are black guys bigger than white guys, who are bigger that Asian men, who are bigger then…and the story goes on.  The truth is, there is very little variation in how big guys are based on their race, although there is a slight tip towards african males.  (Although this particular post may swing your opinion.)

The primary reason behind African males having a statistically larger penis, if only by a fraction of an inch, is because of the practice of enlargement exercises.  If they plan on being the dominant male in their clan one day, males in African tribes have been known to practice penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing, and also use weights to help stretch the penis.  This has been done to not only grow the penis, but also other soft tissue body parts, such as ears, nose, and lips.

So Is A 5 Inch Penis Really Normal

I think a lot of literature out there suggests that penis size is not as important as how you work it, but we believe that is far from the truth.  Most women, when polled, said that they indeed do prefer a guy that was 6.5 inches long, rather than a measly 5 inches.  But, you do have to realize that a 5 inch penis is perfectly normal for a teenager, or even a male in their early to mid 20’s.  You have a long way to go before you reach your full potential, so just wait and see what happens.

What Can You Do About A Small Penis

As suggested above, there are certain methods that you can use to help grow yourself to levels that you feel necessary.  While it is impossible for you to grow 4 inches in a month, it is possible to make small, size able gains over time with a little bit of work.

You can start by signing up for our completely free penis enlargement exercise guide here. It’s packed with ton’s of information on effective exercise techniques that allow for the cells in the penis to divide and replicate themselves over a period of 6 months to a year.

While you are using these exercises, we also suggest that you order a 1-year supply of a product called Vigrx Plus, an all natural male enhancer.  It is filled with highly potent ingredients that are designed to work in conjunction with PE exercises, and can help you achieve gains faster than with standard exercise.

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