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Is Alcohol and Smoking Killing Your Libido?

There is no doubt about it, nothing lowers a mans sexual performance and stamina worse than alcohol and smoking.  We get emails all the time from our customers, and they always ask what is the number 1 thing they can do to get there performance back.  Time and time again, we ask these customers if they drink and smoke, and sure enough most of them do on a regular basis.  It has actually been proven in clinical studies that smoking lowers the bodies ability to naturally carry oxygen through the blood stream to the erect penis.  As a matter of fact several well known products, like Zyrexin, actually warn you to avoid alcohol before taking their product.

Not only that, but it also lowers the ability for you to perform, purely from a stamina level.  Think about it for a second, when was the last time you played a sport or engaged in some other physical activity.  If you smoke, was that activity easy to do, or were you huffing and puffing with the worst of them?  Well, its pretty obvious that smoking causes severe damage to the lungs, which decrease the bodys ability to carry oxygen.

Researchers at various universities, including the University of Kentucky, are currently conducting a study on the effects of smoking on sexuality.  While many conclude that smoking is an obvious problem in relationships, whats more problematic is the effects of alcohol.  While they are less severe and certainly do not effect long term like cigarettes do, alcohol can easily ruin a perfectly good night of sex in a number of ways.

smoking and alcohol effects on libidoThe Effects of Alcohol on Libido

Because alcohol is a depressant, it lowers the brains ability to effectively communicate with the penis, which draws blood from various organs during erection.  While there is no doubt that when men drink there is an increase in the desire for sex, if your looking to maintain an erection or even ejaculate, you may be in for a surprise.  Researchers at UCLA concluded in a study published in 1998 that men who drank alcohol were 5 times more likely to want sex, but only 20% of the participants showed an ability to perform sexually.  (source: Wiki – Alcohol and Sex)

How can this be?  Well, the male anatomy is a pretty complex system, but to give you an idea, lets look at it from a scientific standpoint.  Simply put, our sexual vigor is in direct proportion to the amount of testosterone we produce.  When we drink, our liver, which breaks down the alcohol into usable and unusable fluids, has to share with the production of testosterone.  When the liver is overcome with alcohol, it can no longer produce testosterone effectively, reducing the muscularity system response.  In lamens terms, you simply can’t get it up as good as you want to when drunk.

Alcohol also reduces the inhibitions in males, which leads to the increased desire for sex.  However, it dulls the pleasure producing chemicals in our brain, which make orgasms feel less intense, and in some case, non existent.

So What Can I Do About It?

Well, its easy to say “Oh, well i just won’t drink as much” or maybe “ill cut back on my smoking”.  The bottom line is, if you want to get the most from your sexual experiences, you need to reduce your tobacco and alcohol intake substantially.  It can also be in your benefit to take a male enhancement supplement like Vigrx Plus in order to help increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis during arousal.  All in all, a healthy active lifestyle, coupled with a reduction in cigs and drinking, will definitely give you an overall increase in your ability to perform naturally.

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