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Bigralis male enhancement is yet another product endorsed by the legendary porn actor Ron Jeremy. I think i ask myself on a daily basis “Is there anything this guy doesn’t promote?” Well, I am consistently finding these men’s health supplements being promoted by this guy, and every time i see one, I just gotta take a good look at it. So what makes Bigralis so much different from the rest of these so called “male enhancer’s”. Watch as we delve into the glamorous world of male enhancement to discover the truth behind this all natural pill.

<—-Nothing Makes Me Want To Buy Male Enhancement Products More Than This Guy! Nothin’ But Love For
Ya Ron!


Ok, so there are tons of herbal products that promise huge gains in your penis size. This one is no different, and actually contains all the same ingredients that you will find in several other types of products.

Which ones? Well to start, it contains horny goat weed, epimedium, ginseng, l-arginine, and cynidium monnier. What it doesn’t include (and this is a big one) is yohimbe. While yohimbe is kind of controversial due to some of the side effects, it is often used in some of the most potent male enhancement products out there.

Pricing and Availability

Bigralis is sold on several large online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, and But what about the guy that wants to buy it in a store? Well unfortunately, as of this writing, it is not available in any local retail stores. Often times you will see this because major chains like Walgreen’s and CVS will only offer a limited selection of male supplements.

Bigralis is actually one of the mid-range supplements on the market, costing an average of $40 for one bottle. Now this is for just 12 capsules, which are taken about 1/2 hour before sex. This supplement is NOT going to make your penis grow 4 inches in a month, and they DO NOT make any claims that it does.


We actually had several men email us with their results from taking Bigralis, and wanted to share them with you here. If you have used it as well, send us your review:

“I saw Ron Jeremy’s commercial on this supplement and wanted to try it out. Keep in mind that i have tried everything under the sun, and if it wasn’t riddled with side effects, it just didn’t work. This one was just like the rest, all promises and hype and no delivery. Wish I could have sent it back for a refund, but wouldn’t you know it, they don’t offer one.”

Mike, Chicago

“I have used products like longinexx and stamina rx, and they have given me a pretty good erection. I ordered the free sample (well its not free, you do pay s/h) of bigralis and got my one pill in about a week. I have to say it really does work. I was a little skeptical at first because of my experience with some of the other supplements i have come across, but this really did work. No side effects or any other unwanted results. Would recommend to a friend.”

Tom, Los Angeles

“Bigralis absolutely lives up to the claim that it can offer you a bigger and stronger erection within minutes.  In fact, I would have to say that this is by far the best supplement on the market.  I don’t know if it is just that the ingredients are fresher and purer or that the researchers behind this supplement finally hit on the perfect combination, but I do know this.  Bigralis works better than any male enhancement supplement I have ever tried, and I finally feel more than satisfied enough to end my search- I have found exactly what I was looking for.”

Todd, Nevada

We Actually Tried Bigralis, Watch Our Video Review Conclusion

Well, we just placed our order for Bigralis online, it was $4.95 for one pill. The pill is supposedly free, but of course we had to pay for shipping. We will be posting a video review after some, ah hem, “experimental testing” is done with this supplement. Stay tuned to see our overall conclusion, which we will be posting here within a week.

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