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You Have Probably Come Across Many Reviews for products that seemed perfectly legit. To the untrained eye, there is a sort of cloak and dagger process that is involved with review sites, that 99% of internet users don’t even know about. Let’s break down the categories of fake review sites for male enhancement:

The “Porn Star” Blog

For those of you that visit porn sites you have probably come across at least one of these. It usually starts off with some weird “story” where the blog poster says he met someone who used to be a porn star, and that there was some magic combination of pills they used to help them grow their penis 4 inches in a month. Really, 4 inches in one month!?

What these “blog” owners are in reality doing is promoting some sort of male enhancement product and a muscle building supplement. Should you choose to purchase their “free trial”, they just so happen to get a commission from that purchase, often in the range of $30 – $40!

So, of course they are going to tell you that this “Miracle Combination” helped them grow their penis 4 inches in 4 weeks! Many times, companies that sell these products will setup these Flogs (Fake Blogs) to promote their own products, blatantly lying to you!

Some of the most popular combinations include xtreme no and virility ex, mojo blast and nox edge, and nitro force max and megamagnum.

The Special News Report

This scam is more apparent in the weight loss market, but every once in awhile we come across one of these “News Reports” in the male enhancement world. It usually starts off with some investigative report by some reporter that discovers some unique blend of two different products that when combined, causes massive penis growth.

What you may not realize is that this is not even a real News Report. It’s not even a paid advertisement in a real newspaper, its just a fake news article, or Farticle for short.

Just another tactic used in the male enhancement industry to try and get you to buy their product, or enroll in some free trial scam.

Biased Review Sites

These are probably the most blatant of all the fake reviews out their, and can be very hard to discern the truth from reality. Most of these websites are someone who is talking about a product specifically, and the entire website is dedicated to the promotion of this product.

You will see sites like this when they use the brand name of the product they are promoting in the web address. Sites such as this one, promote a product called virility ex. Notice how the website name has the word virility ex in it. And the title of the page says, “Don’t Buy Virility Ex – Read the Shocking Reviews”.

Take a look at the site, do you see anything “Shocking”. I don’t even see any reviews, it is a blatant self promotion of the product, there are huge banners and ads everywhere saying “click here to go to the official website”, or something like that.

It can be very hard to tell the truth between a fake review site, and a legit one, but we have narrowed down a few key points you should look for in a fake review:

  • Does it Mention the Pro’s and Con’s of the product?
  • Does the “story” make any sense, or does it sound like fluff.
  • Heavy use of Gimmicky Text (e.g. In a hurry, go to “product site”)
  • Every single review you read is positive. This should be a BIG RED FLAG here, because we all know that someone has had a bad experience with the product.
  • Site that consistently bash other, competing products.

Fake YouTube Review Videos

These are probably the easiest to spot, but sometimes they are not. It usually starts with someone talking about their problem, usually about erectile dysfunction, and how it ended when they started taking a specific male enhancement pill.

Then, in their description box, there is a link to their product review site, or even a link to the product site itself. What they don’t tell you is, that when you purchase the product, they get a commission from the sale.

Don’t believe me? Check out this guys video below. He says Extenze changed his sex life for good.

Oh, but wait, he also tried Virility Ex too. What the…?

This guy has been really busy taking male enhancement pills, but why is he taking so many if they all worked? Hmmm, that’s weird.

The fact is, these scams can be really hard to uncover, simply because there are so many of them. The next time you come across one of these sites, think twice about what they might be saying.

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