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megamagnum reviewWith more and more male enhancement supplements coming out on the market every day, it can be hard to distinguish between ones that work, and ones that don’t. We came across mega magnum while researching various pills that  said they would increase your penis size  by over 3 inches. This was on a blog called male stars exposed, and it said that if you combine this product with nitro max, you will gain 3 inches in a month.

We decided to look into these claims, and the following investigation will talk about reviews from men both satisfied and unsatisfied.  We also delve into the ingredients, where to buy, and more.

What is Mega Magnum

When we first wrote our review, there was very limited information available for megamagnum.  That was about 4 months ago, and they appeared to have cleaned up their act, and provide a little bit more detailed information about their product now.  It appears to be manufactured by a company called Mega Health Supplements, located in San Diego, California.

We had a chat with a Mega magnum representative and asked them what the ingredients in mega magnum were, but  we received no response  . It kept saying that operators were busy helping other customers. We then tried to call the company, but the person that picked up did not have any information available for megamagnum, and was only in charge of filling orders.

The Ingredients in Megamagnum

We searched far and wide for a description of the ingredients but simply could not find anything.  You can search the products own website, and see what we’re talking about.  Would you want to buy a product if you didn’t even know what the ingredients are?  There is such limited information about megamagnum, that all it really looks like is a sales page designed to just get you to order it.

Fake Reviews and Websites / Where To Buy

Upon further review, we noticed that another website copied our original content about this pill, including the ingredients. Steer clear or, as they appear to be a part of the company, posing as a fake review artist for the sole purpose of speaking highly of their product. They direct all inquiries to their official site so that you end up right back where you started.

In addition, the site that talks about combining mega magnum with nitro force max is obviously a fake, considering there is no way that you can grow your penis 4 inches in a month.  We see these claims all the time, more specifically with prostate forte, and they usually have to do with some guy meeting some adult film star who uses them combined.  Don’t believe it, they are out to get your money!

A 30 day supply will run you close to $60, which works out to about $2 a day for a pill you can’t even find the ingredients on.

Beware of Free Trial Scams

Megamagnum also provides a so called “free trial” of their product, where you pay a small amount for a trial package, and in turn you only get billed $4.95 for shipping. You need to be very cautious about ordering a free trial of any of these products, as they often place you into what’s called an auto rebill program, where you are continually charged every month for the pills, even if you don’t want them! Read our article on how to protect yourself from these free trial scams.

Are There Any Reviews of Megamagnum?

We have received a few complaints about mega magnum directly to our site.  Most of the men that have used it have said that they tried it for a couple of months, but did not gain any substantial size from taking it.  Here is one review we were sent by a guy named James in Nevada:

“I used megamagnum for about 2 months, and saw no size gains at all.  I don’t know what they put in this stuff and how they say it’s supposed to get you bigger, but it doesn’t.  I don’t think any pill really can make you bigger, I have tried so many of them.”

We also searched you tube to see if we could find any videos of customers that have used the products but came up short as well.

Our Recommendation

Don’t believe what megamagnum has to say,  if they were a legit company  , they would provide user reviews and results, list the ingredients, and  AT THE VERY LEAST  have a good customer service program.

If you want a product that  really works to gain size and stamina  , take a look at our review of VigRX plus, the #1 Male Enhancement Product on the market right now.

If you are looking for an advanced muscle building supplement, look no further thanMuscle Advance Creatine.  This highly effective product is made from fine quality ingredients, and produces results.  Period.

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