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Dave Walker Date: June 16, 2014 Male Enhancement
Black Ant Pills
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1.  Black Ant Pills (updated 4/13/2012)

Black Ant is an all natural pill that is supposed to work near instantly to promote a healthy sexual libido for both men and women. There are many sexual dysfunction products on the market, but this one promises to be different in many ways. Based on ancient chinese research and holistic therapy, black ant is said to be one of the best alternatives to viagra in the far east. Lets take a look at the ingredients and see actual customer results from using this product.

2.  What Exactly Are Black Ant Pills?

As the name implies, Black Ant pills are derived from Polyrhachis Vicina Roger, which is one of the only ants actually endorsed by the chinese ministry of health to help treat erectile dysfunction. They actually have been used to help treat a number of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain, depression, and improve the bodies immune system and circulation.

Black Ant pills are also used to help effectively cure ailments involving sexual problems, including premature ejaculation, sexual potency, and testosterone production. 1 box of this supplement contains 4 servings, and the average retail price is $20. This product is manufactured by a company called Universal Natural Supplements.

However, black ant pills is said to be a dangerous male enhancement product, namely because it contains an undisclosed ingredient which is similar to those used in prescription ed medications.  You can read more about this in the link at the bottom of the page.

There are actual several knock offs of this product available, in a wide variety of forms, and ranging in price from as low as $12 a box, to $30 a box.

3.  Reviews of Black Ant Pills

“The 1st time I took it (1 pill) didn’t do anything, or really feel anything. Second time I took it, I took 2 pills noticed that time I had alot more stamina and my erection was harder! After that I went back and forth between 1 pill and 2 until they where gone, 8 all together. I just took my last 2 earlier this evening and wow! It seems like every time was a bit better than last. I cant remember the last time I was this hard during sex! I have not told my girl that I have been taking them and she noticed a difference, she even said “Geez you taking Viagra” lol. This product definitely works and gets better each time you take it. I just bought 3 more boxes! GET THERE!”Mike G., review taken from Amazon

“Black Ant Works Like Gang Busters. Black Ant King Was A Dud Stay Away From It! purchase online. the local Chinese shop I got mine from before I saw video charges $20-25 dollars to buy!”IncreaseTV, Youtube Review we received

“I only pay $6 for a box. No headache at all nor any pounding heart feeling. No flush to the face either. No runny nose. I eat a lot of raw produce and having steamed asparagus each day adds nutrient power that works with the black ant. I take the black ant with water and vitamin C on an empty stomach and it really is the best.DrakeEquation521, Youtube Review we received

“The 3800mg Black Ant King tablet, direct from the PRChina is fantastic. Better by far than the Rx $10 apiece crap the doctors and pharmacies love to push. Half a tab is usually sufficient for me. No BS, this is a good one.”Lakurfiss, Youtube Review we received

4.  Our Own Video Testimonial of Black Ant

5.  Overall Conclusion

Based on centuries old remedies used for male enhancement, we believe black ant pills actually do work to maintain a healthy erection without the use of harmful pills. Ancient chinese remedies, such as black ant pills, have proven to be effective at helping men treat their erectile dysfunction problems safely and effectively.

In addition, taking this supplement daily may also have some natural side effects, including increase energy levels and overall well being.  When combined with an all natural exercise regimen and healthy eating, you will probably experience the best results.

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