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The Causes And Treatment Options For Peyronies Disease

Peyronies disease can be one of the most difficult problems for men to live with.  Having a bent penis is no laughing matter, and can often result in painful erections, and a lack of partner satisfaction.  Throughout this article, we hope to explain where this disease originates from, as well as provide you with treatment options for this dibilatating disease.

What Causes Peyronies Disease?

Often called “bent penis syndrome”, there is little known as to the causes of peyronies disease.  It is thought to occur as a result of “rough sex” and may also be attributed to an abnormal buildup of plaque inside the penis.  Your physician can help determine the cause of it, but you need to be forthcoming with the questions he may ask.  There are also certain types of anti-hypertensive drugs which list this disease as a possible side effect.

How many Men Does This Disease Affect?

There is very few clinical data or survey results to discern the amount of men this disease affects worldwide, but it is thought to only occur in less than 0.5% of the male population.  These results are based on numerous studies, and accounts for a lack of men who actually report the disease to a physician.

What are my treatment options?

There are very few medications that are used to help treat peyronies disease, and the ones listed on the market are somewhat controversial.  One major drug manufactured by Pfizer is called Xiaflex, which was originally created to treat “claw hand”, or abnormal bending of the fingers.

This drug has been originally marketed for this use, but a number of urologists at leading universities have proposed the possible benefit of using it to treat peyronies.   The manufacturer of this drug, Auxilium pharmaceuticals, is fighting hard to prevent misuse of this drug from peyronies patients, but so far little data is clear.

Another favorable treatment option that has been used for decades in combining colcochine and vitamin E, which has shown favorable long term results in patients.  However, recent studies suggest that the effectiveness is controversial, and any long term results may be inconclusive.

The Use Of Penis Traction Devices

There has been a number of scientists in the field or urology that have become interested in a therapy that was introduced about 10 years ago by a urological physician in Denmark.  Penis traction devices, or extenders as they are often reffered as, were originally developed to help act as a substitute for penis enlargement exercises, but some have suggested their use in treating peyronies patients.

While there have been no official clinical studies conducted, hundreds of men worldwide have reported significant improvement in the straightening of their penis.  It has actually become common practice in a number of  european countries, most notably sweden, germany, england, and spain, that urologists have actually been prescribing these devices to their patients.  This therapy has yet to gain significant scientific acceptance in the US, but there are a number of alternative health doctors who prescribe it regularly.

There is Hope

Many men who are affected by this disease, typically in the 40 – 60 year old range, feel that there is very little they can do to help reduce the effects of this embarrasing disease.  Until further proof or clinical data is realized, it can be hard to recommend a specific option to our patients, but we believe traction devices are the most effective based on user results.   Take a look at some of the penis extender reviews we have received, and learn more about effective options.

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