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Does Yohimbe Affect Mood?

Dave Walker Date: December 21, 2014 Male Enhancement No Comments on Does Yohimbe Affect Mood?

Many male enhancement supplements have a wide variety of stimulants that not only help to make a man erect, but they also can boost your overall mood.  However, sometimes they don’t always work in your favor, and you end up feeling like crap.  I took extenze pills this morning, and despite the great erection i got off of it, I’m left with a feeling of irritability and actually a little bit of nausea.  Now, given I am a healthy 29 year old male, who doesnt smoke or drink very often, and i have taken several medications before without any problems.

My Problem With Pills That Contain Yohimbe

Now given I didn’t get the best nights sleep last night, considering i woke up at 4:30 this morning, but i usually can take several small naps throughout the day and feel quite rested.  The problem is, everytime i lay down, Im having trouble sleeping and i just kind of lay their restless, desperate for any measure of sleep i can get.

After reviewing the ingredients in this pill, I noticed it contained yohimbe, albeit in small quantities.  I have been writing reviews for various male enhancement pills for close to a year now, and part of my regiment is to actually try these pills to see there effect.  It seems as though everytime i take a pill that contains yohimbe, I end up feeling groggy and restless.  This is just one small adverse effect of taking yohimbe, not to mention the potentially life threatening results if you are taking any heart or blood pressure medication.

Now, this is not to say that extenze does not work, but I’m often left wondering if the benefits outweighs the cost.  I posed the question to my girlfriend earlier, and she said that there are probably alot of guys out there that have problems “getting it up”.  These guys probably could care less about the side effects, however minimal they are, as long as they can have sex again.

So is Yohimbe Really Not Good For You?

But this all really boils down to one ingredient, and that is yohimbe.  Whenever i take any other pills such as libigrow or magna rx I never have any problems.  I just get a healthy, natural erection that usually goes away within four hours.  It’s no wonder that the FDA is actually considering banning the substance for sale in the US.

There are so many other potent ingredients out there, that i don’t know if it really is advantageous to take anything with yohimbe, so i think my days of reviewing products that contain it are up.  If you are in the market for a male enhancement supplement and are looking for something that won’t give you any unnatural side effects, I reccomend you try vigrx plus.

Our Recommendation To You

I have been taking vigrx plus for about 2 years now, and it really has changed my sex life dramatically.  It does not contain yohimbe, and has been proven in clinical studies to give you a sizeable erection, without any of the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects.

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