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Dave Walker Date: May 27, 2014 Semen Pills No Comments on Cumbetter

cumbetter reviewIncreasing orgasm power and seminal load is a goal for many men, as is achieving harder and longer lasting erections.  For many men, pharmaceutical solutions are undesirable.  They are expensive, and the risk of side effects can be huge.  We have to admit that when we first saw Cumbetter, the name seemed almost gimmicky.  But in today’s oversaturated male supplement market, a product does need to stand out to succeed.  So we decided to take a deeper look and determine if Cumbetter really lives up to its unique name.

How Does Cumbetter Work?

The very first thing we did was look to see what is in Cumbetter.   We found that the company offers an honest look at its ingredients and even explains them.  Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that helps boost testosterone levels, while ginseng helps increase libido and sexual reaction.  Muira puama helps boost libido and performance, and damaina works to stimulate the penis and to increase its sensitivity.  All in all, the ingredients are excellent and better still, they are very well explained.  Individually, each of these herbs is designed to benefit sexual performance, but Cumbetter’s makers promise that together, they offer even more benefit.

Where To Buy

You will find that Cumbetter is available through the company website, which is safe and easy to navigate.

User Testimonials

User reviews for Cumbetter are surprisingly easy to find.  The product has plenty of positive reviews, and many say that their sex lives “are great now” thanks to this product.  Many say that their spouses love the effects of the product as much as they do and that they can really offer a “newer and better sex life”.  Customers seem incredibly satisfied with the supplement and we have to note that we did not find a single instance of a reported side effect other than sexual enhancement with the use of Cumbetter supplements.  It also seems to be quite comparable to another semen enhancing supplements, not unlike our top choices.


Recommending a product like Cumbetter is simple because we did not find negative reports or reviews.  The company did an excellent job explaining the science that went into the product and explaining how and why it is designed to work.  Sexual performance enhancers may be all over the market, but Cumbetter stands out not only because of its clever name, but because it is designed with maximum effect in mind. For men suffering erectile dysfunction or simply seeking a better ejaculatory experience, this seems like an ideal supplement to safely and easily meet those needs.

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