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dr maxman reviewWe have been getting a ton of emails from guys who have in turn been getting spam emails about a product called Dr. MaxMan. According to them, and the information we could gather from them forwarding the emails to us, this appears to be the work of the world famous Dr. Acuillar. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Acuillar is the founder of a similar sounding product called Maxman pills. So does this product really work to give you a permanent 3 inch gain in size? Well, we dove into the internet to find out the whole story behind this product.

What is Dr. Maxman?

Dr. Maxman is by and large one of the biggest scams on the internet when it comes to male enhancement supplements. I have actually seen there ads being advertised in various magazines, and on several email spam. The jist of the ad usually goes like this: You should use these pills, and we guarantee that you will gain 3 – 4 inches in size in about 6 months. I mean, they flat out say this in their ads, it’s not a typo or anything.

Of course, this obviously raises some serious red flags for us, but we needed to do some more research to figure out where these claims come from. So i dug through some old emails to see if I could find out where the official website is. It turns out that their really is no “official site” for Dr. Maxman Pills, instead they rely on creating a number of sites with weird urls. Why do they do this, you ask? Well, we can only guess that since they are trying to scam people they don’t want to be traced back to a specific URL.

Browsing through one of these official sites for Dr Maxman, we realize that they are one of the only sites that actually have photo resdr maxman scamults from men who used their pills. Whether or not these are real photos, or just stock photos that were used to demonstrate before and after results, we’re not sure.

They also mention that pharmacists recommend that you use the product for 6 months for the full effect, which seems like a blatant stretch of the truth. I mean, are there really some pharmacists out there that are trying to push Dr. Maxman? Probably not.

How Does Dr. Maxman Pills Promise To Work?

Well, just like practically every male enhancement pills we come across, Dr. Maxman goes through a lengthy discussion of how an erection occurs. They then go on to say that the ingredients basically create a more intense erection, and force more blood into the Corpora Cavernosa, which is the basis for this “expansion”.

What’s funny is that they mention that their product has gained almost solely from word of mouth, but we found evidence that totally contradicts this statement. As a matter of fact, Dr. Maxman pills are some of the most heavily advertised male enhancement products we have ever seen.

The manufacturers of Dr. Maxman supposedly prove that their product works by providing the reviews and testimonials with photo evidence to support it.

Ingredients in Dr. Maxman

Dr. Maxman promises a host of special ingredients which are supposed to work in conjunction to give you this increase in size. According to the label, it contains Mucuna Pruriens, Longifolia Extract, Withania Somnifera, Albizzia lebbeck, vitamin e, soya protein, Argyrerin speciosa seed, and Valeriana wallichii.  There is nothing really revolutionary in this formula, and most of the extracts we have personally tried through various other products like Magna Rx Plus, which just so happens to be founded by a man named Dr. Aguillar.  Sound very suspicious?  We though so too.

Reviews of Dr. MaxMan

I have not personally had a chance to try it out, but I have seen several reviews from guys who have used Dr. Maxman and the verdict seems to be a mixed one.  The testimonials on one of their sites shows guys that have experienced massive increases in size, but there is no real way to tell if the photos are even real. 

Here is a brief review we received from one of our visitors:

“I found out about Dr. Maxman after seeing an ad somewhere for it, and I figured what do I have to lose.  Well, I originally thought I was going to see a 4 inch increase, they even said that it was guaranteed.  After using the pills for about 3 months, I maybe saw an increase of about 1 inch in length and 1/4 inch in girth.  What was nice was that I did not get any side effects from taking Dr. Maxman pills, something that I have gotten with other products like ageless male.  Overall, it was nice to see some size gain, but I would not recommend this to anyone.”
Paul, email review of Dr. Maxman we received


Dr. Maxman is one pill we 100% do NOT think you should try. Let’s think about it for a second, if there was a product that could gain your size by as much as 4 inches in 6 months, it would be talked about all through the internet. The only people talking about Dr. Maxman pills in forums were people that felt like they have been scammed by it. There is absolutely no way that any pill, including Dr. Maxman, will give you a permanent increase in size. The bottom line is that if you do fall into the trap of buying it, once you stop taking it you will return back to your original size.

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