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Dave Walker Date: August 9, 2014 Male Enhancement

Ageless Male Official Review

Low testosterone affects nearly 30 million American Men, and is said to be the leading cause of erectile dysfunction, weight gain, and low energy levels. Ageless Male hopes to combat all of that with their proprietary formula, and is heavily promoted both on TV and the internet. So what makes this product so fascinating? Well, we decided to take a “in depth” review of Ageless Male and see what all the fuss is about. This controversial supplement is adored by some, and complained about by others, so we decided to learn more about what this low testosterone supplement is really supposed to do.


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What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is an over the counter supplement designed to counteract Andropause, otherwise referred to as Low Testosterone. As we age, the male body slowly starts to reduce the amount of testosterone produced, and as a result, we start to experience the signs of aging. Ageless male is obviously intended for men in their mid 40’s to mid 60’s, namely because testosterone declines at a rate of 1% per year.

Developed by a Neurological surgeon named Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, Ageless Male is an over the counter formula sold by a company called New Vitality. It promises to support normal testosterone levels in males, and does so through am combination of two ingredients: Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin.

Saw Palmetto has been used for a long time to help men with prostate problems, and can be found in many other supplements like Prostate Forte, Promagnum XL, and Herbal V. The ingredient has also been shown to help treat BPH in men, and even has some benefits in women. Neither one of these ingredients have been shown to produce consistent effects in clinical trials.

How Does Ageless Male Compare?

We have seen several of these supplements, as mentioned above, and have even used a couple of them. The combination of Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin is quite a potent one, but Saw Palmetto on it’s own is powerful enough. When compared to Prostate Forte, it actually has a higher dose of saw palmetto, but that doesn’t always mean it will work more effectively.

While competing products have a sizeable amount of other ingredients in their formulations, Ageless Male just has saw palmetto and Astaxanthin. The fact that it doesn’t contain Zinc or Vitamin E leads us to believe it might be missing a few other key ingredients when it comes to boosting testosterone.

Ageless Male Reviews

Ageless Male has a number of positive reviews on their official website, but that is never a true indication of how well a product actually works. We browsed through a number of forums and other sites to see if we could find anyone that has used it, and came up short. There are a couple of youtube video reviews, and the gentlemen that speak in these videos said it worked great for them, but there was no indication that they really purchased Ageless Male. As a matter of fact, the video review sounds rehearsed a bit. Watch it below:

Amazon has a few reviews from guys who have tried Ageless Male, and they are not too positive. Most guys that used it said they were disappointed with the results they achieved (or rather didn’t achieve), and even had complaints about there free trial program. It appears for now New Vitality has gotten rid of the free trial of Ageless Male as a result of these complaints.

Where To Buy Ageless Male

Apart from there website, Ageless Male is sold on a number of online retail sites. Ebay has the cheapest price, coming in at around $75 for a 3 months supply. If you choose to buy just one bottle, the price is around $40 no matter where you try to buy it. The company that manufactures the product provides a 30 day money back guarantee, but you need to make sure you return it in the time allotted to get a full refund.


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Our Real Ageless Male Review Video Review



Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to personally test out this product. the fact that the ingredients in Ageless Male have not been proven in clinical studies does not mean it does not work, but the reliability of the product working for everyman leaves us uncertain of its potency. We invite you to submit your review of Ageless Male if you have had a chance to try it out, and let us know your experience with this product.

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