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The Promagnum Xl male enhancement pills are a popular sexual health pill that have been on the market for the past couple of years. I came across this supplement in an Ad in Playboy magazine, stating that they can make a man larger than ever. Being a guinea pig for these types of products, I have seen them all come and go, and only the best stay around for long. So what makes this product different from the others? We investigate these pills to seek the truth behind the claims. Don’t buy Promagnum XL before you read this review of the popular sexual health supplement.

What is Promagnum XL?

Promagnum XL is manufactured by a company called Meta Herbal Labs, and has been on the market for sale for around 5 years now. This all natural herbal remedy promises long big results with long term usage, and is backed by a 90 day guarantee. It is available without a prescription, and is apparently doctor approved. Not only does it claim to hell increase your size and girth, but it is also supposed to be take to reduce the symptoms of premature ejaculation. The also promote fast and discreet shipping, often shipped direct to your door by Fedex or DHL. The manufacturer also claims that there product is the number 1 rated penis enlargement pill on the internet, similar to the claims made by Veromax.

According to their website, Promagnum Xl is supposed to increase your penis size by 4 – 6 inches, and your girth by 3 – 4 inches. That’s right, you heard it here folks, three to four inches in girth. They also say that their product starts working in 45 minutes and that you will begin to see immediate results. The recommendation is that you take the pills for about 3 months, or until you start to see desired results. This is the same dosage similar to a product called venicon, another all natural suppelement.

The Ingredients in Promagnum XL review

We decided to take a look at the Promagnum website to get an idea about the ingredients listed in this supplement. We found that it contains maca, ginseng, ginko biloba, oatstraw, and a number of other fillers. While some of these ingredients actually do product penis enhancing results, they mainly act as fillers, and give you a little bit of energy.

Epimedium is listed as the lead ingredient in Promagnum XL, and this particular ingredient is used in several other male performance products like maca man and progene. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba are also very common in these supplements, and the theory is that these particular ingredients are supposed to increase your stamina. There has been alot of research behind these two ingredients, and they are generally taken by themselves.

Unfortunately, through our research we noticed that the pills did not contain some key ingredients which should be found in popular male enhancement pills. L-arginine being the primary ingredient in viagold, which acts as a vasolidator, relaxing the blood vessels leading to the penis and further increasing blood flow. This increase in blood flow is the primary catalyst for a healthy erection, and the key to sustained growth.

Promagnum XL Reviews

Reviews of Promagnum-xl are mixed, but the majority that we came across on independent third party sites is positive.  The validity to these reviews, however, is questionable because of the lack of clear proof.  There is noone that has posted any before and after pictures, of course this being very difficult to do on a third party site considering the nature of the product.  Like any other product, we believe that it may work for some, and simply not work for others.  Below is a sample negative review we came

“This product does not work!  I have been using it 1 month and 1/2. A complete waste of time and money, the only thing this product did for me was make my heart palpitate.  Anyone with a heart condition should stay away from Promagnum.

“review taken from Amazon website

And here is a sample positive review we found:

“I have tried everything, including stamanex, and promagnum xl is the only product I have ever come across that actually gave me the gains I was looking for.  I took it for about 4 months, and the results were just amazing.  What was even better was there were no side effects, something I hadn’t encountered with any other product I have tried.  Two thumbs up for this product.”Dave, Florida

Where To Buy / Best Price

You can find Promagnum XL at a number of online retailers, but unfortunately as of this review it is not sold in stores.  There are a number of sellers on Ebay selling the product cheap, and we are guessing that these are ex customers that did not get good results from using the product.  Amazon has it for sale at a low price of $32.95, with Free shipping.

Should you choose to purchase from the official site, an get an 8 months supply, its actually more expensive, coming in at around $37.50.  It is unclear whether shipping is free with larger orders.

Why We Believe Promagnum XL Does Not Work

We have tested somewhere in the area of 60 different male enhancement formulas, and have tried everything from slow acting to fast acting pills. Lets take a good look at some of their claims. The first one, they claim that you will see a length gain of 4 – 6 inches. The second one, that says your girth will exceed 3 to 4 inches, is by far the most outlandish claim I have ever heard of a penis pill.  There are many companies that make claims like this, including Megamagnum and Magna Rx Plus.

To put it in perspective, the average penis size is 5.5 inches long for a normal adult male. If you add the lowest claim 4 inches, to an already 5.5 inch member, your looking at an almost 10 inch penis. This is not only rediculous, this is outlandish. And on top of this, to think that you can do it in as little as 4 months is rediculous.

So what can I do?

The simple fact is no supplement, on its own, will help you grow your penis size. You need to combine enlargement exercises with regular supplementation to achieve long term results. We have both here at  To the right hand side of the page, we have our Award Winning “Penis Enlargement Exercise guide” free for you to sign up for.  It’s packed with 52 pages of exercises that you can do to help increase your size over a period of 6 months to a year.

In addition to regular exercises, we recommend that you purchase a 1 year supply of Vigrx Plus, our number 1 selling Male enhancement pill.  Take a look at our review of this product to learn more.

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