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ProlargentSize Review

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Recently I have noticed when I login to our YouTube account to check for relevant comments and messages I am noticing a lot of spam posts about a herbal pill called ProlargentSize, and was wonderingm what all the fuss is about.  The post usually says something like “recently hey dave, have you heard of a product called prolargentsize??..i have heard alot of things about this product..”  I get this same exact message about every other day on various vidoes, and they are undoubtedly written by someone in a different country who is getting paid to do so.

I know this because I will visit their YouTube homepage and see the same exact comment on like 20 other videos.  Surely, they can’t be so interested in the product that they have decided to leave a comment on videos that have nothing to do with these products.   I have even had a few guys email me about the product, which no doubt they probably have come across in their YouTube travels.  So I decided to take a look at this product once and for all.

What is ProlargentSize?

Like most other male enhancement pills, ProlargentSize is an all-natural formula which has some pretty bold claims, like 3 inch gains in size, curing premature ejaculation, and even increases in energy and lean muscle mass.  Heck, I bet it even cooks breakfast, folds your laundry, and picks up your kids from school.  All kidding aside, does ProlargentSize really work?

Well, apparently the secret is in the years of clinical research and development the company has conducted to essentially find the “ultimate” male enhancement formula.  They produce all sorts of awards at the bottom of their pages, like the Mens Health Institute choice award of 2012, but when we visited their site we couldn’t even find the product listed (a product called Erectzan is listed as their top choice).

We looked over their official ingredient list, which includes the following extracts:

  • Ferula
  • Panax  Quinquefolios
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Ceratonia Siliqua
  • Epimedium

The obvious primary ingredient in Prolargent Size is tribulus terrestris, which is an aphrodisiac that also helps to boost all natural testosterone levels.  Epimedium is another word for “horny goat weed”, which was discovered almost 500 years ago by a Chinese goat herder.  After some research, we found that Ferula produces Zallouh, which is an all natural aphrodisiac that has been used since ancient times.

There are numerous warnings and indications on the ProlargentSize site, which include not taking unless you are older than 16, don’t take when you are pregnant (why would a woman take it anyway?), and keep in a cool, dry place.  It is designed to be take 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

Reviews and Testimonials of ProlargentSize

Finding reviews of ProlargentSize pills were easier said than done (other than the fake ones posted on Youtube), but there is some chatter in various enlargement forums.  We have yet to receive any feedback from our users, but will share our findings once we hear from some men.

Pro’s of ProlargentSize

  • All natural ingredients
  • Doctor Approved (or so they say)
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Delivers Worldwide (Including the UK)

Con’s Of ProlargentSize

  • Ridiculously overpriced (Almost $100 for a one month supply!)
  • Very few REAL reviews
  • No apparent money back guarantee
  • Missing a number of key ingredients


The fact that ProlargentSize is claiming increases in penis size of up to 3 inches immediately puts it under suspicion in our book.  Out of the 100 products or so that we have official tested, not one of them has done this for us.  So unless they came across some miracle formula that god himself may have created, it is very unlikely that this product will do it.  They do have some pretty effective aphrodisiac ingredients in their formula, which no doubt will help to produce stronger, more full erections.  But solely as an enlargement pill, we recommend you pass on this one and stick with something that produces more proven results.

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