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Prolatis 2.0

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Prolatis 2.0

With the advent of modern medicine, there has been no shortage of drugs introduced to the market which say they can increase a man’s libido. We only look at all natural male enhancement products, and oncesuch product is called Prolatis 2.0. Based on its predecessor Prolatis, which was recalled because itcontained the active ingredient sildenafil, they have laid out an all new supplement which is 100% allnatural.

But does it really work compared to the original? We decided to review this product for its effectiveness, aswell as took a detailed look into the ingredients and claims mad by prolatis 2.0.


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What Does Prolatis 2.0 Do?

Prolatis 2.0 is your typical male enhancement pill, which is supposed to boost your sex drive, enhance your libido, and give you increased sexual vigor. It is currently sold in a number of mens health stores, including GNC, as well as many online retailers. They also sell a number of other supplements that treat mens issues, including prostate health, bone and muscle health, as well as weight loss.

So what makes Prolatis 2.0 different from the original Prolatis, and does it really work? Well, after careful review of the ingredients, we found that this herbal supplement contains L-Arginine, which is a powerful sexual stimulant which has been used since ancient times.  You can find high concentrations of l-argining in products such as steel libido and arginmax.

It also contains horny goat weed, which got its name derived from a farmer who discovered his goats would get horny after ingesting the substance. Topping it all off it contains Niacin, which is found in a wide variety of weight loss supplements for its stimulant qualities.

Prolatis 2.0 is said to use this proprietary blend of ingredients, which are taken 2 hours before sex, to pump blood to the penile area once an erection has been sustained. It also has a number of other safe benefits which are sexually related, including increased sexual stamina, as well as lessening your erectile dysfunction problems.

Reviews of Prolatis 2.0

Even though this product has only been on the market for a few months since this review, many users have reported their results from using prolatis 2.0, and they tend to be negative. The original prolatis, which had rave reviews from a wide variety of customers, does not compare to the new one. A few sample reviews below from actual customers:

“I used to use the original Prolatis version, and in my opinion it was great. This stuff sucks!! If they didn’t take the original prolatis off the market I would still take it, but this 2.0 is not working for me.”


“When I began using this product earlier this year I was not exercising and it was not that effective. My doctor told me I would achieve better results if I exercise. I began to exercise to improve my health. After 3 weeks I began to take the product once daily….WOW!!!”

blk_knight, review from GNC website

Were still waiting on user reviews sent to our Dave’s, once they are available we will make them available on this site.

Our Personal Video Review

Editor’s Results

I decided to buy a sample pack of prolatis 2.0, from a company called Qaulity Value Depot on Amazon.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember how much I paid for it, but it was a very low price, probably just a few bucks plus shipping.

The directions on the package (package of 4) said to take 4 capsules 2 hours prior to sexual activity, but I only decided to try 2 pills first time around to see what kind of effects I would get from it.  I do this to see what kind of side effects would result from taking it, so i always take the lowest dosage.  I had a little scare when I tried a full dosage of enhancexl,  and got insanely sick off of it, prompting me to change my policy on how much I take.

Well, prolatis 2.0 really did seem to work, at least for me.  Just like the manufacturer said, I received a pretty good erection quality off of it in just a couple hours.  As with any of these pills, you need to give it some time to see how you will respond, and every guy is different.  I felt the effects of it for about 4 hours, before I decided to “take care” of it myself.

I hear alot of guys complaining about how this new version of prolatis doesn’t compare to the old one, but I never got a chance to try the old one out so I really can’t say.  Overall, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a temporary size increase and increased sex drive.

Where To Buy

The easiest way to buy prolatis 2.0 is at your local GNC, but it’s not the easiest thing to buy a male enhancement product in a store.  I have done it before, and it can be a little bit embarrassing.  Anyway, if you prefer discreet orders, simply check out for their latest deals.  We found it for as low as $15.51 on their, but the price is always subject to change.  As compared to products that are much more expensive, such as m drive, but contain the same ingredients, it should be a no brainer.

Some guys were actually selling their formula on ebay as well, apparently still in the original packaging.  Be sure to order from a reputable seller on their, because there have been many horror stories of guys ordering and getting a product that was already opened.


While we believe the original prolatis would make the cut, unfortunately the changes they made to prolatis 2.0 made the product ineffective according to most reviews and testimonials we found. This is not to say that we know for sure if this product works or not, it just means the majority of reviews were not positive.  From personal usage we believe that this product indeed does work to promote healthy sexual function, and a prolonged erection.  I can’t say the same for every guy who tries it, but it may be worth picking up a bottle to see your results.

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