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EnhanceXl ReviewWith so many male enhancement drugs, pills, creams, and extenders popping up all over the internet, it can be very hard to find one that actually works. One recent pill we came across is called enhancexl, which is distributed by a company in the UK. This pill promises size gains of up to 2.5 inches, an increase sexual arousal, and improved libido. But does it really work? Well we decided to review this supplement for its effectiveness, and studied the ingredients and customer testimonials behind this enhancement product.

What Exactly is EnhanceXl?

EnhanceXl is a 100% all natural supplement in pill form that is designed to be taken as part of your diet. According to their website, most customers report at least a 1.5 inch increase in penis size after just 3 months. It is not available in any stores locally, but you can purchase it online for the price of $59.95 as reported on their site.

The ingredients in enhancexl include L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Gingko Biloba, and Siberian Ginseng. All of these ingredients are powerful herbs and extracts that are found in some of the leading male enhancement supplements in the US, including a similar sounding product called EnhanceRx.

EnhanceXL is often paired with a product called Prostate Forte, an all natural prostate health supplement.

So How Does EnhanceXl Make Me Bigger?

Using the ingredients above, it is supposed to allow increased blood flow in the corpora cavernosa (or CP muscle), for a firmer, larger erection. When the male sexual region is aroused, blood rushes to the penis to form an erection. The more blood that flows, the larger the tissue inside the penis expands, causing a size increase.

EnhanceXl is supposed to relax the blood vessels and tissue in the penis cell wall, which allows for further blood flow and erection quality.  There are hundreds of supplements that contain L-Arginine, and they all pretty much promise the same thing.

For instance, Naturally huge, a product which is endorsed by non other than the adult film star Ron Jeremy, promises to use
Vasolidation to help increase size.  However, their is no scientific evidence that this will cause a permanent increase in size, if any change at all.

EnhanceXl Reviews

We could not find any reviews of enhancexl either on their website or through third party sites. If you have used this supplement, please email us your review.

Pros of EnhanceXl

  • Contains Effective Ingredients
  • Modest Price Range
  • Contains L-Arginine

Cons of EnhanceXl

  • Very Limited Product Information
  • No Reviews or Testimonials
  • Not Doctor Approved
  • No Clinical Tests

Overall Conclusion

Based on what we could find, enhancexl seems to be fitting of most male enhancement products, but we are concerned about a few things. It does not contain any clinical data to back any of its claims, something that an effective product should have. It also does not contain any reviews on its site, as well as any endorsements by leading physicians in the male enhancement field.

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