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Prostate Forte

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Prostate Forte

While the primary goal of this site is to review male enhancement products, we recently came across a prostate health product called Prostate Force. This supplement, among others, was found to be combined with an all natural male enhancement supplement to help grow your penis. With millions of men worldwide suffering from prostate problems, their are all sorts of formulations and therapies popping up on the internet all the time. So, does this one work to help grow your penis longer and thicker? We decided to investigate the claims made by this and other blogs in our special investigative report.

What is Prostate Forte?

Prostate forte is a 100% all natural herbal supplement taken in pill form. According to their website, it is designed to help regulate prostate function, which in turn will help with urination, ejaculation process, erections, and your physical and emotional state.

Direct from the products own website: “All natural nutrients of prostate forte act synergistically to maintain prostate health. The scientifically tested ingredients are combined in it to provide soothing, protective, balancing, and immunostimulant effects and maintain optimal function of the prostate and urinary system”.

For some reason, there is an abnormal amount of people searching to see if the use of prostate forte and enhancexl will help to grow penis size and increase stamina.

You can order a free trial of prostate forte on their website, and they only charge $4.95 for shipping. But, be wary, because after your 14 day trial is up, they will charge you close to $120 to continue using their product. While this is fine if you are happy with it, if you are not, it may be difficult or even impossible to cancel and receive a refund.

Ingredients, Side Effects, and Reviews of Prostate Forte

Some of the ingredients include Vitamin E, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Calcium Carbonate, and beta sitosterol. This supplement is only available online, and does not require a doctors prescription. Much of the products website talks about men’s prostate problems, specifically how they develop, how the prostate works, and its ability to solve urinary problems.

Their are no side effects associated with using this supplement, as all of the ingredients are all natural. We also could not find any reviews of prostate forte on their website, and subsequently on other websites. If you have used this product, please contact us with your results.

Overall Conclusion

As with most prostate supplements, this one promises to promote healthy function, and reduce the symptoms of any men’s health problems you have been having. While having a healthy prostate is associated with overall male sexual function, we don’t see how using this supplement will help you grow your penis.

None of the ingredients are used in any major male enhancement supplements, and they barely even mention it on their company brochure as well. We believe that with proper diet and exercise, as well as taking a prostate health product from mens health or GNC should help do the trick.

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