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African Superman

Dave Walker Date: August 10, 2014 Male Enhancement

African Superman Overview

African Superman is a fast acting male enhancement supplement that you take about 15 to 30 minutes before sexual activity.  It promises to keep you rock hard and ready to perform whenever the opportunity arises.  While there is no official website, there are several online retailers that sell African Superman, and that is where you can find most of the information you need to understand what it is and how it works.

How African Superman Works 

The marketing for African Superman states that about 15 minutes after you take it, any touching or rubbing will result in a thick, hard-as-rock erection, and all your thoughts will turn to a willingness to please and be pleased.  It also improves kidney function and prevents premature ejaculation.  You simply take 1 capsule with a glass of warm water, and there’s no need to worry about alcohol consumption, as it will not interfere.

African Superman Ingredients

We’ve got to admit.  This ingredient list is a bit strange.  It includes:

  • Ginseng
  • Scalper’s Penis
  • Chinese Matrimony Vine
  • Pilos Antler of Young Stags
  • Longan Sarcocarp
  • Lily
  • Buffalo’s Penis

Aside from the ginseng, which promotes energy, stamina, and blood flow, none of the other ingredients are familiar to us.  African Superman is an Asian made product and appears to use primarily ancient Chinese herbals as the basis for the formula. Chances are, these are aphrodisiacs, sexual tonics, energy providers, and hormone boosters.

Benefits of African Superman

  • It’s inexpensive to try.
  • It’s easily available.
  • It’s fast acting.
  • There are tons of positive African Superman reviews on Amazon.

Drawbacks of African Superman

  • The ingredients are unfamiliar.
  • There is no money back guarantee that we’re aware of.
  • There is mention of receiving a $5 gift card with every 5 star review on Amazon, so those reviews may not be credible.

Where to Buy

You can purchase African Superman through a few different online retailers, including Amazon.  The 8 capsule blister pack sells for just under $20.


We’re not sure where to go with this one, which probably means you’re better off without it.  There are so many favorable reviews on Amazon, but we’re just not sure how trustworthy those are at this point.  And the ingredients are just plain odd.  If it were, me, I’d choose something I knew more about.

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