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Entramax  Review

Entramax Review

Entramax is a natural supplement that promises to help men achieve all of these goals without making lofty claims, so we decided to see what it was all about. Increasing desire, performance, power, and size can be a goal for many men, especially as they get older and start to experience hormone changes that alter their sexual ability.  Prescription drugs are only available for men who meet certain health criteria, and they are both expensive and risky.  Herbal supplements can offer a unique alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction drugs that is both safer and more effective, but not all actually work.

How Entramax Works and Ingredients

One thing we noticed right off the bat from the Entramax website is that the product was designed by doctors. The site is informative, rather than hype based, and the makers clearly lay out the ingredients in their product, which read like a list of the best male enhancement herbs on the market. Maca root, rhodiola extract, tribulus, Catauba, L-Arginine, and many other drugs proven to help increase blood flow to the penis and boost sexual stimulation and erection as well as libido are found in this product and it appears to be very well designed and formulated.  You can find many of these same ingredients in several competing products, including Alpha Male Plus and Rigirx Plus.

Where To Buy Entramax

The product’s website makes it easy to purchase the product at $60 a bottle and doesn’t require credit card information before showing the price or sign you up for automatic shipments, both of which actually lend more credence to the belief that this product sells because it works.

User Reviews of Entramax

Of course the only way to really know if the product works is to learn what other users think.  In looking at reviews for Entramax, which are certainly plentiful, we found that users absolutely find benefit with this product.  Many say that it has “taken my sex life to a new level” and that it has “saved my love life”.  Men are reporting longer, harder, and more satisfying erections, and it is not uncommon at all for men to note increased penis size.

Here is an actual review we found:

“I used entramax for about 6 weeks, but did not see any difference in the size of my penis.  I don’t know if I was supposed to use it longer than that, but I didn’t see any results at all, and I was getting bad side effects from it like headache and nausea.  This product is just not for me.”

Joe, California


EntraMax is an easy supplement to recommend.  It has solid science, an informative website, and excellent reviews.  For men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction but cannot or do not want to take prescription drugs, Entramax is a safe and side effect free alternative that may in fact be able to offer more benefit in helping to alleviate ED symptoms to restore a healthy, satisfying love life.

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