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extenze real review

Extenze Review

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Extenze is by far one of the leading producers of all natural male enhancement pills in the country. With commercials in over 6 different languages and over a million capsules sold, it quickly has become the #1 selling brand for over the counter medications. But does it really work? What follows in this review is a detailed analysis of Extenze, including its history, the ingredients, user results, videos, and side effects of this popular supplement.

Extenze Summary

Manufactured by a company called Biotab Nutraceuticals, this brand is sold in over 15 of the largest retail stores in the country. According to their official website, they claim to give you a temporary increase in size by forcing more blood through the chambers of the penis. This allows for a small increase in sexual stamina and increased erection quality, as well as make sex more pleasurable.

Extenze is also a major supporter of NASCAR events, with rookie driver Kevin Conway as their major spokesman. They have also had commercials featuring legendary football coach jimmy johnson.

Ingredients in Extenze

There is a very large list of ingredients in extenze, many of which are found in similar competing products. It actually contains pro hormones such as DHEA and pregnenolone, as well as a bio enhancement blend containing black pepper, piper longum, and ginger root.

The bread and butter ingredients include yohimbe, a controversial but effective natural aphrodisiac. While most competing products generally contain about 7 – 8 mg of yohimbe, extenze contains 12.5 mg of the substance. It also has the following: tribulus terrestris, korean ginseng, deer antler velvet, xanthroparmelia scarbosa, Cnidium monnier, horny goat weed, pumpkin, l-arginine hcl, licorice extract, and boron.

User Reviews

There are literally thousands of reviews and testimonials all over the internet. From personal experience blogs, to feedback on amazon, there is certainly no shortage of people talking about it. Here is a small sample of some of the user results we came across.

“I tried extenze after i saw a tv commercial and got my pills a few days later in the mail. It seemed like a really good product from the start, and they have alot of positive feedback from guys. Well, when i first took it i got a little nauseous, and felt like i was gonna throw up. Well, I didn’t and about a half hour later i was rearing to go. It was like a switch, just an instantaneous enhancement.”
Mike, PA

“I ordered the supposed “free trial” of extenze hoping to add some spice to my dull sex life. Well, it turns out it was not so free, as they charged my credit card $45 the following month. I didn’t even want the product, so i ended up sending it back. They did give me a refund.”
Tom, Idaho

Emails and Comments I Receive On Youtube

Q.  Is extenze for the growth of the penis or for the sexual enhancement, sexual drive, desire and much harder erections?

A. Extenze is used primarily to enhance sex drive and arousal, and starts working within about a 1/2 hour or taking it.

Q. If it is in fact for the growth my questions would be how much growth can be expected?

A. Through prolonged use, I could see that you may grow an inch or so, but these effects will be temporary.

Q. At what point do you stop taking them and if you do stop does the process revert in other words if I stop taking extenze does my penis go back to the size it was when I started?? Do you have to continue to take these pills forever?

A. Eventually, as you stop taking Extenze, you will revert back to your original size. So, the simple answer is no, Extenze will not permanently increase your penis size.

Q. Are there any long term negative side effects associated with Extenze?

A. After some research, I found that yohimbe (the main ingredient in Extenze), can produce long term side effects if taken in high doses daily, but this has not been studied conclusively.

Q. Does this work in a day cuz i have been taking this for 4 days already and would this give me an erection when its time to mingle? also taking the zyrexin together?

A. Yes, Extenze should be working at this point. It is a fast acting supplement, so in reality it should start working after the first dose. I would not recommend taking it in conjunction with Zyrexin, as they both contain Yohimbe.

Pricing and Availability of Extenze

Extenze is surprisingly easy to find, as it is on the shelves of most major food chains and convenience stores. The average retail price is around $60 for a one month supply, but there are sample packages readily available both on the companies website, and in local stores. Their free trial program costs a mere $0.98 for shipping, and can be found on their official website.

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Official Conclusion

Based on our own results, we agree that extenze can actually help to increase your erection size, but only in minor amounts. The intended outcome of taking this supplement is to give you increased pleasure from sex, not to grow your penis. We did experience minor side effects, including light nausea, and the official package explains a variety of other side effects that are possible. Every man responds differently from these pills, so its hard to say whether or not its right for you. If you want something effective to help spice things up in the bedroom, be sure to try it out yourself.

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