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Herbal V Maxx

Dave Walker Date: March 6, 2014 Male Enhancement
Herbal V Maxx Review

Herbal V Maxx Review

Herbal V Maxx Review

Herbal V Maxx is a proprietary or brand (commercial) name given to a famous male sexual health supplement that comes in a capsule form for oral use. According to the official claims, if used regularly and properly, it can be used to boost penile erections, prolong sexual orgasms and treat erectile dysfunction.

What is Herbal V Maxx?

Herbal V Maxx is an all herbal male enhancement supplement that is essentially based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Each capsule comes in strength of 350mg for daily oral use. While it is primarily used for erectile dysfunction, it can also be used to treat low sex drive in males.

Composition / Ingredients of Herbal V Maxx

The following organic and herbal ingredients have been identified in each capsule of Herbal V

Jujube Extract
Cayenne Extract
Stinging Nettles Extract
Bombyx Mori L. Extract
Wild Yam Extract
Siberia Ginseng Extract
White Willow Extract

In addition, this product also contains a variety of other natural ingredients such as minerals and essential amino acids.

How does Herbal V Maxx work (Mode of action)?

The mechanism of action of Herbal V Maxx can be properly understood with respect to each of its key ingredients as follows:

Jujube Extract:Acts as a potent aphrodisiac
Cayenne Extract:Boosts libido and sexual performance
Stinging Nettles Extract:Increased natural blood flow to the penis to strengthen erections
Bombyx Mori L. Extract: Acts as a natural aphrodisiac in men
Wild Yam Extract:Facilitates erections by causing NO (nitric oxide) release
Siberia Ginseng Extract:Improves sexual performance, enhances overall well being, reduces body fatigue
White Willow Extract:Increases libido and prolongs orgasms
L-Arginine: Enhances erections and potentiates sexual vitality and vigour

Herbal V Maxx is for you if:

  • You would like to use an all natural (herbal) product or supplement for male enhancement
  • You are looking for a pill that would last for up to 1 to 2 days
  • You want to try out a herbal solution for your erection-related issues
  • You want to use a safe herbal solution for male enhancement

Herbal V Maxx is not for you if:

  • You are looking for the “permanent cure” for your sexual health disorders / health issues
  • You want to enlarge your penis size
  • You want a medicine that is completely free of side effects / adverse events
  • You are looking for a ‘branded” supplement that comes from a credible and authentic platform

Pros of Herbal V Maxx

  • The product comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee
  • Product can be bought online in a secure, private and discrete way within the comfort of your bedroom
  • All ingredients are listed (full labelling information is present on packaging)
  • Product is backed by customers’ testimonials
  • Product is affordable and cost-effective
  • Effects of a single dose can last up to 36 hours
  • Bulk purchases come with special offers and product discounts

Cons of Herbal V Maxx

  • Some side effects (including headache and indigestion), although very rare, have been noted
  • Product is not FDA approved
  • Will not work in its full capacity if taken with or after food (should ideally be taken on an empty stomach)
  • Product is not backed by clinical studies
  • The product has not been officially presented in a very decent or professional manner on its official website
  • You have to take at least 2 pills, simultaneously, to avail its full benefits
  • While all ingredients are listed, quantities of the ingredients have not been mentioned
  • No contact details are present on the official website
  • Product will only work if taken just before sexual activity

Our recommendation

Finally, while the product has been rated as the “number one male enhancement capsule” by some claims, there are no independent testimonials or physician endorsements to verify those claims. However, if you are looking for a purely herbal / natural male enhancement pill that could be used to boost penile erections and treat impotency issues in men, Herbal V Maxx can surely be tested and tried. After all, with full 30-day money back guarantee, there isn’t really anything to lose.

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