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hormotexHormotex Review  

Hormotex is a proprietary name given to oral pills (to be taken by mouth) that are used for a variety of conditions and issues related with male sexual health. However, unlike other all-male products, Hormotex can also be used in women as an aphrodisiac.

Made in Germany, Hormotex comes from a credible platform called Neomed Pharma GmbH that has been in the sexual health business for the last 34 years. What makes Hormotex unique and distinguished from the other similar pills available in the market is the fact that in addition to treating the key issues of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, it can also be used to treat ‘psychological ‘or mental causes of impotency and other associated illnesses such as sexual fatigue and fear / guilt while performing sexual intercourse.

The following independent review is intended to discuss various benefits, salient features, pros and cons of Hormotex in a neutral which will help the enthusiast / reader in deciding about what is the best and most suitable option for himself / herself.

What is Hormotex? 

According to the documentation present on the official website, Hormotex are silver coated tablets or pills that can be classified as synthetic / pharmaceutical and herbal in nature. Hormotex is a strong aphrodisiac and sexual stimulator that can be effectively and safely used in both sexes.

Composition / ingredients of Hormotex 

Interestingly enough, according to the information present on the parent company’s website, Hormotex is neither an all-herbal nor a completely pharmaceutical or synthetic product. Rather, it can actually be called as a blend of the following key ingredients:

hormotex ingredients

Yohimbe: One of the main ingredients in Hormotex, Yohimbe tends to increase libido and sexual performance and that is why, has always been considered a recommended ingredient for almost all natural formulations that are used to treat male impotency. In addition to enhancing male sexual health, Yohimbe also improves a general sense of well being by reducing fatigue, tiredness and depression.

Damiana: A South American plant, Damiana has two important functions i.e. it acts as an aphrodisiac and also provides mild sedation to the mind, resulting in resolution of fear, depression and anxiety which are often the main culprit in causing male impotency and decreased sexual performance.

Muira Puama: Another plant from Brazil that has been used for centuries as a strong aphrodisiac and libido booster.

Multivitamins: Finally, the product also contains a variety of multivitamins which, due to their strong “anti-oxidant” properties, have a role in the enhancement of erections and intercourse.

How does Hormotex work (Mode of action)? 

The mechanism of action of Hormotex tablets can be understood in the following ways:

As an aphrodisiac: According to the official information, the main function of Hormotex tablets is to increase sexual desire and libido.

As a psychological calming agent: Studies show that most causes of male impotency are psychological in nature. These causes are related with severe feelings and emotions of guilt, fear, shame or shyness. In addition, anxiety and depression may also play a crucial role. The ingredients present in Hormotex work to provide a soothing, calming and relaxing effect to the central nervous system which automatically results in better sexual performance and potency.

Hormotex is for you if: 

  • You are looking for a drug that will primarily act as an “aphrodisiac”.
  • You are suffering from lack of sexual interest or reduced libido and sexual performance.
  • You want to use a cheaper and more economical option
  • You also have some underlying causes related with your reduced sexual performance such as anxiety, fear or depression

Hormotex is not for you if: 

  • You are looking for an all-natural or herbal supplement (It also contains vitamins and other synthetic ingredients)
  • You are looking to buy an all-clinical medical drug or medication (as the product also contains herbal ingredient)
  • You want to use a product that is quick acting and can produce its effects within minutes

Pros of Hormotex 

  • Comes from an old, already established company
  • Can be used in both men and women
  • Once daily dosage is not needed and the product can be used on “As-and-when –needed” basis
  • Product seems to be cheaper and more economical because of its lower cost i.e. you can get one box containing 24 pills at a price of € 12.00
  • Packaging / labelling contains the listing of all ingredients present.
  • Can be bought online with ease and convenience

Cons of Hormotex 

  • Product starts acting within 1 to 2 hours after oral administration, which may be a little longer time frame for some.
  • No customers’ testimonials or the much needed FAQs section is present on the official website
  • Product website consists of two pages in total with no videos, studies or information about users’ experiences.
  • Product is not clinically or scientifically backed
  • No money back guarantees, discounts or special offers are currently present on the website
  • Safety profile of the product is still not established.

The final verdict 

If you are looking for a cheap, economical aphrodisiac that can also be used to boost your sexual potency and treat erectile dysfunction on short term basis, you can surely give Hormotex a try. However, with very limited information present on its website regarding its efficacy, safety and scientific backing, the decision for using it will depend solely upon your own discretion.

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