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Increase Your Penis Size With Enlargement Exercises

How to Increase Your Penis Size With Enlargement Exercises

Many men often struggle with a small penis, and have looked into some ways of increasing size permanently. There are a wide variety of good male enhancement exercises you can try to gain some considerable size quickly. Throughout this article, we will discuss some easy to use techniques you can try to naturally increase your penis size. We will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using them, and give you an idea of how to increase your size with enlargement exercises.

Prior to beginning any of these exercises, it’s a good idea to ‘warm it up”. You should take a hot shower, or even wrap a hot wash cloth around the groin area to get it warmed up. You can also message or “warm up” the PC muscle, or Pubococcygeus muscle, which is the muscle that you feel when you stop urinating suddenly. Ever feel that tension or tightness when you suddenly stopped urinating? That’s the PC muscle at work, and you should slowly grip and contract that muscle firmly, then relax the pressure, over a period of five times. This will properly warm up the PC muscle to prepare it for male enhancement exercises. OK, now that you are warmed up, let’s get started.

One great exercise is a technique called Dry Milking. You need to start with a partial erection, which can be done by just a couple of quick tugs on your penis to get the blood flowing to it. Beginning at the base of the penis, firmly grip it and form an OK sign around it. Without touching it with your other fingers, slowly bring the OK sign up towards the head, but not all the way. Then, when you get about halfway up the penis, relax the grip, and start back at the bottom.

Do this about 5 times, and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. Another technique that is similar to dry milking is called “wet milking”. With wet milking, you will again warm up the penis, but this time you will use a lubricant,, such as Vaseline or other type of cream. The procedure is the same, where you form the OK sign and slowly move up the penis toward the head, but not all the way. As with dry milking, you should not allow a full erection to develop, instead let it get to about 70% of its full length. You should do this for a maximum of 20 – 30 times.

Another great way to increase your size using enlargement exercises is a technique called Jelqing. Jelqing is believed to have originated in the middle east some 1200 years ago, and has been a practice that has been very popular in Europe. Wet and dry milking are actually a variation of Jelqing, however the practice has morphed into new techniques. The idea is to get the penis to fill with blood, and then as more blood is added, the penis will stretch larger.

This is kind of like how when you fill a balloon, the more you fill it, the more it expands, and when it deflates it is larger then how it was before. Stretching and twirling the penis is a variation of Jelqing, where you grip the penis and twirl (not twist) from side to side, while holding the base of your penis with the other hand. Rotate the penis clockwise ten times, then counter clockwise ten times. After this, do a simple cool down exercise of massaging, and placing a hot wet cloth over the area.

These male enhancement exercises are great simple ways to get your penis bigger naturally, and without any pumps or drugs. Any time you feel any pain or discomfort from these exercises, you should completely stop the exercise and wait a few days before trying again. As with any exercise routine, it may even be beneficial for you to talk to a doctor before trying these techniques out.

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