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Innerthrive Overview

As a man gets older, his body just doesn’t produce testosterone like it used to.  In fact, after 30, the drop is pretty precipitous.  This can be a problem for anyone who doesn’t want to feel old before his time.  Low testosterone can make you feel tired, make you lose muscle and put on fat, make it harder for you to take off the extra weight, and make it harder to get an erection when you want to perform.

Innerthrive is a 2-part testosterone boosting system marketed to these older men who have started to notice the loss.  It promises to bring back all that was lost when the T-levels started going down.  You’ll feel more fit, you’ll sleep better, you’ll have more energy, and your lady will thank you.
Now this all sounds just great.  But there’s something else you should know.  The Innerthrive website seems to be going through some changes and they’re not good ones.  Most of the pages are no longer active.  So information on ingredients and how they work just isn’t there.  We’re not worried too much about the information part.  We can find that elsewhere.  The problem is that when these kinds of changes happen, that’s not such a great sign for the product or the company.

How Innerthrive Works

Innerthrive ReviewThe two part system consists of T-Restore and T-Protect.  T-Restore helps the body make up for lost testosterone.  It provides some of the necessary components and catalysts (such as Tongkat Ali and Avena Sativa) for the body to produce more testosterone than it otherwise would.  It also keeps this testosterone free to work within the body.  T-Protect helps prevent the testosterone you have from being converted into estrogen, which you definitely don’t want.

Where to Buy

Innerthrive is still available through the official website.  (Ordering is about all you can do there.)  There are a few different options, two of them involve joining the “Continued Success” program where you’ll receive ongoing shipments and charges.  You can do a monthly deal where you pay $77.93 each month and receive a month’s supply or a 90-day deal where every 3 months you get charged $191.85 and receive a 3 month’s supply.  If you don’t want to get involved in the Continued Success program, you can just buy a one month supply for $95.92.

There is a 30 day guarantee.  They say if you send the product back within 30 days, you’ll get a refund.  The fine print mentions a 15% restocking fee however.

Innerthrive Complaints

If you look, you’ll find complaint after complaint about Innerthrive.  They always start out by saying the product doesn’t work.  Then they go on in great detail about the nightmare they’re going through trying to cancel the program and stop the charges for this product that doesn’t work.

Benefits of Innerthrive

·         It may raise testosterone levels.

Drawbacks of Innerthrive

  • There are complaints about an Innerthrive scam all over the internet.
  • The website has been reduced to little more than a way to order the product.They’re just not promoting this stuff anymore.


I’d say the jury is in.  Innerthrive doesn’t work, and if you order it, you should expect to lose the money you spend and a whole lot more if you unwittingly signed up for ongoing purchases.

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