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Jenasol Review

Jenasol Review

Jenasol is a top name that provides various vitamins and supplements, which includes many different male enhancement products. One of their top sellers would be the original Penile Muscle Enhancer. This supplement is composed of safe ingredients which are natural for the body, and is intended to increase your penis size by natural muscle growth. In comparison to other penis enhancers, Jenasol Penile Muscle Enhancer is one of the top 10 to be used.

Ingredients in Jenasol

The ingredients in this supplement consist of primarily hormone changing and muscle stimulating agents, but it does contain a few herbal tonics that help support your body organs, which makes the penis function better through controlled blood flow and oxygen regulation.  The other agents inside this penis enhancer are “natural” as far as creation goes, but they are naturally produced within the body as well. These primary ingredients include:

  • Amino Acid Complex – 17 amino acids that help increase blood flow leading to a longer and thicker erection for sexual pleasure.
  • Saw Palmetto – Controls hormonal imbalances that affect the prostate gland, which makes libido (sexual pleasure) decrease if not regulated.
  • Creatine Monohydrate Assists with muscles that are tired and sore by giving energy back that has been used, which in turn leads to muscular growth.
  • Beta Ecdysterone – Natural anabolic compound that helps boost testosterone naturally. This increases sex drive, muscular growth, and energy production.

This combination of ingredients does have proven results when it comes to muscular growth, but as far as the penis is concerned it sometimes depends on the person taking it. The main thing to look at when viewing these ingredients is how they are all related in some way to muscle growth, which a person needs for the penis to grow. Then it all comes down to if you are willing to try it out or not.

How Much Penile Growth to Expect?

This supplement is not going to be a miracle penis-growth-enhancer that increases the length by five or more inches. Any company that claims this is lying because the only way for that to maybe happen is through a penile enlargement surgery, and that will still not bring such results. You are looking at a realistic growth change by one to two inches, which is not bad at all. It is important to note, however, that any size gains achieved from this product will probably not be permanent.  Also, some that make this claim can actually be quite dangerous, check out dangerous male enhancement pills article for more information.

Consumer Reviews

There are numerous reviews in which people state that they have gained an inch or two during their use of this supplement, and these are from real consumers that do not get paid for their reviews. None have stated anything more than a two inch growth in the penis, and some have reported that once they have stopped taking the supplement their penis went back to normal. This is normal since the penis did not actually have a muscle growth, but rather only had increased blood flow making it only appear to have grown. Each person experiences different results because everyone is not the same, but across the board it is for certain that your penis will not grow up to five inches longer.

Are there Any Discounts Available?

You can purchase the Penile Muscle Enhancer formula from Jenasol’s company website, or you also have the ability to purchase this on Amazon as well. Amazon has some discounts that bring the price down from $69.85 to $58.67. This is a decent saving, but sometimes ordering from the Jenasol website can save you a few more dollars when they have sales, and right now they also have a buy three bottles and get 25% off bundle special. As of now these are the only two websites to purchase this male enhancing supplement from.


  • Trustworthy vitamin brand name
  • Actual reviews from real people
  • Discounts are available
  • There is a complete ingredients list
  • Affordable without a discount


  • There is no scientific proof that it works
  • Some ingredients in the formula are still not proven as well
  • Contains ingredients that can possibly damage the liver


Are there Any Potential Dangers?

There are some slight risks involved with taking hormone changing supplements in pill form. The main issue is liver damage may occur, and that is why many actual bodybuilding supplements get banned. However, since it is made of natural ingredients the risks are pretty rare as long as you follow the instructions. Those who have any cardiovascular problems cannot take this supplement. There are more than just a few ingredients that increase blood pressure and your heart rate, and if you have any type of heart problems you face risks of having a stroke. All these issues sound serious, which they are, but they are very rare if the supplement is taken as recommended.


Jenasol’s Penile Muscle Enhancer is overall a good product to try and see if it works for you. The prices are reasonable, and that is compared to other brands containing similar ingredients. These ingredients are naturally good for your body; however some are being tested for their effectiveness in penis growth. Results are possible from this supplement (which is relatively safe) for any males facing challenges and wanting to increase their penis size.

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