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Virilix ReviewIn the male enhancement industry, there are some ingredients and formulations that can easily be referred to as “common”. For example, some materials known to increase blood supply in the body or those used to raise testosterone levels are frequently found in a lot of the male enhancement products. There are also some products out there claiming to increase “volume” where seminal fluid is concerned.

This is why the claims made by the Virilix product caught our attention. We were intrigued by the idea that a single supplement would help to correct Erectile Dysfunction while also boosting the volume of seminal fluid. We decided to investigate the ingredients in the product, see if there was any user feedback or reviews, and also explore the pricing of the product in order to offer up a solid review.

What Is Virilix?

First of all, the ingredients list of the Virilix product makes it clear that this is definitely designed to increase fluid volume and
circulation. The primary ingredient is Zinc, which has a reputation for volumizing seminal fluid. What caught our eye, however, was the use of Arginine as well. This is a well-known vasodilator, similar to nitrocut, which means that it creates the material known as nitric oxide in the bloodstream. It is NO that helps to increase the supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, but it also widens arteries too.

This is the reason that bodybuilders will use it – to pump their muscles full of fluid. Naturally, this means that if the substance can help to enlarge muscles it is going to operate in the same way where penis tissue is concerned. The other materials included some beneficial herbs and extracts known to help with sexual performance, such as Epimedium and Ginko, which are used in libido max and deferol. What was missing was Yohimbe, which is one of the most well-known ingredients for helping those with ED because it is a vasodilator that functions directly in the erectile chambers around the penis.

User Reviews of Virilix

When we began to look at the reviews for the Virilix product we noticed right away that its marketing may be doing it some harm. For one thing, a lot of the men leaving reviews were unhappy that they weren’t able to perform like the “porn star” who worked as a spokesperson for the ad campaign. Some mentioned that their libido did not improve and others said that the ingredients were not successful in helping with issues like premature ejaculation. Interestingly enough, the complaints were about many issues that the ads did not claim to help! We did find that some customers found it useful from time to time, but many also said that it only gave them a “head rush” or “dizziness”. In general, the customer feedback was not favorable.

Best Price

The price for Virilix varies between $30 and $47, and the manufacturer does not list the price for 90 capsules on the website. There is a money back guarantee for this product, and the manufacturer makes no difficulties for those who pursue the matter. There are no bargains in terms of shipping or discounts, and it will take a bit of effort to get this supplement through an online vendor other than the actual manufacturer.


We would not recommend the Virilix product to those looking to enjoy the benefits advertised on the TV spots and at the website. The ingredients just cannot back up all of the claims. What we can say is that Virilix does contain vasodilators that may be able to help with the delivery of fluid and blood to the erectile chambers, and this can help some people struggling with ED or impotence from time to time.

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