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Dave Walker Date: January 12, 2014 Male Enhancement
Libido Max
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libido max reviewWe have personally tested over 2 dozen different male enhancement supplements over the years, and recently got a chance to try libido max. This particular pill promises to deliver healthy, all natural erections and was even developed by a licensed Urologist who studied men’s erectile dysfunction issues. According to the product label, this supplement promises to enhance drive and desire, increase blood flow, and improve performance and stamina. We put these claims to the test, and the following is our extensive review of this product.

What is Libido-Max?

As a daily supplement, this product is formulated to act in three stages, to help men better perform in the bedroom. It contains a number of extracts and herbs which are used in various over-the-counter ED supplements, and is available without a prescription.

As part of its formulation, libido max contains Yohimbe, which is a powerful substance that has been used for centuries to help men improve their sex life. It also contains a strong mix of L-Arginine and Bioperine, which the latter is supposed to help enhance the bio availability of a nutrient, thus making it more effective. This claim has not been backed by any real scientific evidence, however several research papers have discussed the possibility that Bioperine may work.

The full list of ingredients, as listed on their packaging, includes: maca powder, ashwagandha powder, Dimethylglycine, Choline, Epimedium, Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe, L-Arginine, Ginger, Long Pepper Extract, and Bioperine.

Scientific research has suggested that L-Arginine has a host of benefits, and one that has stood out to physicians is the availability of this chemical to dilate blood vessels. This helps to improve the flow of blood to the penis when it is fully erect, leading to enhanced stimulation and pleasure.  You will also find that many products contain l-arginine, such as magna rx plus, erectzan, and others.

Our Test Results

We actually had the opportunity to order a box of Libido Max off of Amazon, and personally test it out. We only took one capsule, while the directions suggest that you take that you take as much as 4. There was no noticeable effect on stimulation from just one pill, so we increased our dosage up to 3 pills. After about an hour or so, we started to feel the usual effects that we get from supplements such as these. Erection quality was greatly improved, as well as stimulation effects.

However, the side effects were terrible!  I had a raging hard-on, but felt like I was going to throw up at the same time.  This is likely due to the yohimbe content present in the pills, which has many known side effects.

Libido Max Vs. Hardon Helper

hardon helper reviewI recently got a chance to test out a supplement called Hardon Helper, and I have to say it’s leaps and bounds better than Libido Max in so many ways.

For one, they don’t pump a ridiculous amount of yohimbe in it, so the side effects are virtually non-existent.

Second, while it does take a bit longer for it to kick in, once it does the effects seem to last much longer.

With Libido Max, it’s sort of like a roller coaster ride.

You’re good for 1, maybe 2 solid erections, and then after about 4 – 5 hours the effects seem to go away.

With Hardon Helper, the effects literally seemed to last for days.

About 3 – 4 days to be precise.

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Other User Reviews

We had the chance to present a few samples of this product to friends of in the hopes of gaining some third party perspectives on its effectiveness. Here is what they had to say:

“After the first hour and a half or so, I started to feel the effects from Libido Max. I almost felt kind of cold, as if all of the blood was rushing away from my skin, and towards my groin area. I took the opportunity to pleasure myself to see if it made any difference in my orgasms, and i really did get a great feeling from it. I give this product 2 thumbs up.”
Mike, Florida

“I took 4 pills like the box said, and didn’t feel anything for about 2 hours. My girlfriend has just got home from work, and we decided to experiment with it. After a little bit of foreplay, I was solid as a rock, and I think Libido Max was directly responsible.”
Jeff, NJ

“This product was the worst experience I ever had concerning taking an OTC natural. It effected me more like a bad speed pill but not the good way (never actually took speed but I can imagine). It was over 12 hours in this condition! I was wary from the start considering the large initial dose recommended but it was late and options were limited however due to the bad effect I wish I had driven 10 minutes for good stuff like Mojo or went without the “xtra” help I thought it would give.”
JeepBoiFL, Youtube subscriber

Questions We Have Received About Libido Max

Q.  how many times do i have to use Libido Max in order to increase my libido? do i use it every day of the week? also can i use this if i am using extenze in the monrings? and lets say it comes time to go in the bed room can i use zyrexin and libido max will that give me a hard erection? any advice i just bought the libido today.

A.  Libido Max actually markets itself as both a slow and fast acting male enhancement product.  The directions state that for daily maintenance, you should take 1 – 4 liquid soft gels in divided doses.  For a more immediate response, you are supposed to take up to 4 liquid soft gels one hour before sex.  I would not recommend the use of Zyrexin and Libido Max together, simply because there is too much Yohimbe contained in both.  Extenze is another product that contains yohimbe, so I would either choose one or the other, but don’t use both at the same time. 

Overall Conclusion

We believe that if taken as directed, Libido Max can help to give you an extraordinary gain in your sexual performance. It is made up of some fine quality ingredients, and the price is relatively modest when compared to many of its competitors. Based on our own in house testing, as well as reviews from other men, we believe that this particular product can help you with your erectile dysfunction problems. You can find this supplement online on Amazon for as little as $26.

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