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Dave Walker Date: January 10, 2014 Male Enhancement No Comments on Libidus

libidus reviewDecreases in libido can happen for a variety of reasons. Commonly the result of aging, it can also happen because of medications, hormone changes, past illnesses, and more. Getting your libido and the ability to have and maintain an erection back doesn’t have to require pharmaceuticals or surgery, but finding an effective supplement can seem like it is easier said than done.  Libidus promises a fast and rock hard erection and to work every time, even when you are drinking alcohol, so we decided to see what the supplement was all about.

What is Libidus and Ingredients?

Ingredients are always a big factor in determining if an herbal supplement will work. Libidus reads like a who’s who of great sexual performance enhancers.  Eurycoma Longifolia is a primary ingredient and a very powerful aphrodisiac.  Fios Catharmi, Rhizoma Cucurmae, and Ginkgo all help to increase blood flow to the penis to provide better, harder, and longer lasting erections, while Herba Epimedii helps to increase semen emissions and to actually reverse impotence.  Libidus has a total of 350 milligrams of potent sexual enhancement herbs per capsule, which helps make it much better at providing fast and lasting results.

The product has a number of different websites, all of which seem to offer ingredient information, research, and the ability to buy, though prices seem to vary.

Reviews of Libidus

In terms of user reviews, it seems that people who are taking Libidus seem to agree with our assessment that the ingredients really are formulated to work.  Many men report “a huge increase in my sex drive” and “erections that last as long as I want them to”.  These types of claims are common, and most men report not only increased libido, but increased stamina and energy as well.  In all, it seems that the supplement works just as intended and is, in fact, free of unwanted side effects.


Do we recommend Libidus?  Definitely.   The product is designed to offer maximum boost to sexual performance, and from everything we can see, it certainly delivers. This supplement is natural and safe, yet it seems as effective as traditional pharmaceutical supplements.  There are men all across the world who swear by Libidus, and having examined and researched the ingredients we concur that this may indeed be an excellent supplement for men suffering from a decreased libido or from sexual performance problems resulting from ED or from simple changes in hormones as the aging process goes along.

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