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Is Male Enhancement True? An Inside Look

An Independent Investigation Into The Secret World Of Male Enhancement. Dave Walker, April, 2011

The internet is teeming with all sorts of devices, pills, creams, and ointments that promise fuller erections, and a bigger penis size. We read a statistic somewhere that over 40 million emails are sent PER DAY that sell drugs ranging from prescription medications, to herbal supplements. But the question on nearly every mans mind is the same, “Do They Really Work?” Well, the answer is yes, no, and it depends. Read on.

Why Male Enhancement?

In over 3000 men polled by our site, almost 50% of men said they did not feel large enough, or felt that they were inadequate in the bedroom. Compare that to the statistic that most (up to 90%) of women are indeed satisfied with their partners performance, and you find yourself in a paradox.

Ever since the middle ages, man has been obsessed with the size of his penis, and for good reason. In ancient cultures, it is thought that the size of a mans penis literally dictated his place in society. The larger you were, the higher up in the clan you were. Translate that almost 2000 years later, and the deep underlying principle of penis size is still as important, in some ways.

It usually starts in high school, when you are hitting puberty, that your size starts to reach its maximum point. Studies have indicated that the average size of an erect mans penis is around 5.5 inches, and the width is a mere 3 inches.

Pills, Creams, and Ointments Oh My!

Its silly to think that a pill on its own can really make you grow bigger, but thousands of men are sucked in everyday by the promises of gains. There are even several websites that explicity state how much you will gain in a specified period of time, using fancy calculators and charts. But the simple truth is none of these products have been tested in a clinical setting to back up these claims. It’s similar to a bodybuilding supplement, where many of them claim to make you bigger, but you still have to workout to achieve results.

Ointments and Creams are another popular brand that has promised gains, but never really disclose how they do it. From what we have found, the most effective types of creams simply desensitive the male sexual organ, as to prevent premature ejaculation. While some do claim to help you last longer in bed, which we agree can be done, others flat out lie and say they will increase the size of your penis.

So What Gives? Does It Work or Not?

To answer this question, you need to examine the difference between penile enlargement, and sexual enhancement. No herbal pill, or pharmaceutical drug for that matter, will increase the size of your penis permanently. However, they will give you a temporary boost (usually around 4 hours) in the size of your penis. There are dozens of fake sites out there that will promise 4 inches in 4 weeks, which is ludicrous!

What Does work to increase your size are called penis extenders. Originally designed as an alternative to surgery to treat peyronies disease(bending of the penis), there has been alot of clinical research that suggests these traction devices can actually increase the size of your penis. In a double blind test, 7 out of 10 men that used a device such as the Proextender, improved their penis size from 3 inches to 5 inches flaccid (non-erect).

There are many men that believe this is simply not true, but the simple fact is that it has actually been proven in studies, and there is picture proof of it. Take a look at the proextender system to see our full review of a traction device.

What About Male Enhancement Exercises?

There are several different techniques you can try on your own to help increase the size of your penis, but many of these methods are dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Quite simply, they involve pulling on the penis in order to help stretch the cells within which regenerate themselves over time. One of these exercises is called jelquing, which is very popular with men on various forums. Your best bet is to sign up for our penis enlargement exercise guide to learn more about effective methods.

The Bottom Line

Male Enhancement is possible, but you need to be aware of the cons and scams that plague the internet on a daily basis, and make an informed investment decision if you truly want to make a difference. Read our article on dangerous male enhancement pills to learn more about the types of products you should avoid. If you want sexual satisfaction, try out vigrx plus, a once daily herbal supplement that will not increase your size, but will give you enhanced performance during sexual intercourse.

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