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MaleFormulaXL Pills Review

Since the inception of the nutraceutical industry over 25 years ago, there has been a host of male enhancer’s to hit the market and promise alot of things. Those promises range from the ridiculous (4 inches in 4 weeks) to the possible (1 inch in a couple months), and everything in between. One supplement we found recently is called MaleFormulaXL, which is a supposed powerful blend of nutrients and herbal extracts designed to help you achieve a greater penis size.

The official site asks “How Will You Measure Up”, as if challenging you to engage in some competitive sport, while at the same time really making you question your manhood. So does MaleFormulaXL REALLY measure up? We took to the internet to answer this, and other, nagging questions.

What is MaleFormulaXL?

Developed by the same company that brought you such products like NitroXpansion and Mojoblast, MaleFormulaXL is a once a day tablet which apparently helps to inject more blood during an erection. You see, during an erection, two cylindrical tissues located on the underside of the penis fill with blood, causing your penis to rapidly “rise to the occasion”. According to the MaleFormulaXL website, it uses ingredients that help to increase this blood filling capacity, causing a larger, more “Well hung” erection.

What Are The Ingredients in MaleFormulaXL?

MaleFormulaXL Review

MaleFormulaXL Review

Their official site stops short of saying exactly which ingredients will do this, they only mention that they are all natural. This is a tough story to back up, as there are only a few herbal remedies out there that will cause this. I think it is safe to assume that MaleFormulaXL probably contains L-Arginine, a substance found in about 80% of male enhancement pills on the market. I have a full article discussion how l-argine works for male enhancement here.

Who Can Take MaleFormulaXL?

MaleFormulaXL seems to be intended for men only, however i would imagine most of the ingredients are safe to take for women as well. Since the supplement does not appear to contain any stimulants such as Yohimbe or caffeine, I would imagine that it is safe for men of all ages to consume. Of course, it is always prudent to consult with your doctor before taking any supplement such as MaleFormulaXL.

Can MaleFormulaXL Be Stacked?

There are a few sites out there that say MaleFormulaXL can be stacked with other products to see increased gains, but we are unsure as to the validity of these claims. One popular combination that has been mentioned is MaleFormulaXL with NitroXpansion, which we have not yet had a chance to personally test out.

Where is It For Sale?

As of this review, the only way you can buy MaleFormulaXL is through their official website, It is currently not sold in stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or other retail stores.

Is MaleFormulaXL Safe To Take?

There is no indication on their official literature as to the contents of the capsules, so it is impossible for us to determine if it contains any potentially harmful chemicals or stimulants.

How Often Should You Take It?

According to the manufacturers directions, you should take 2 capsules a day with a glass of water in either the morning, or right before a workout.

How Much Does MaleFormulaXL Cost?

MaleFormulaXL comes in a variety of packages, which range from a one months supply price of $84.95, all the way up to a 3 months supply price of $154.90. Every once in awhile, the company does offer discounts of as much as 50%, although these coupon codes can be altered. Since best results are apparently achieved after 3 months usage, we of course we recommend you take advantage of the heavily discounted price.

Customer Reviews of MaleFormulaXL

Their are a number of customer reviews on their website, but there does not appear to be any on independent third party sites such as Amazon or Ebay. A lack of clear reviews or testimonials does not indicated that the product does not work, it just means it has not been on the market long enough to be properly evaluated.


We Feel that there is too little information on MaleFormulaXL to give it the proper recommending nod. While the promises are there, in order to really know if it will work for you would require further testing, and analysis of the ingredients, detailed information about how customers are faring with it, and more. They do mention on their sales page that the company has been in business for 5 years, and that thousands of men have been turning to MaleFormulaXL to gain substantial size, but we could not find any information on the company that makes it.

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